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The Story of Illadelph Glass: Part Two

In Part one of our look at Illadelph Glass, we went over their history, their reasons for and relationship with Philadelphia (which extends right to the company name “Illadelph”), some of the reasons their pipes are so expensive and a few ways to tell if you have a real or a fake Illadelph pipe. In Part 2 the team at the 710 Pipes headshop in Denver look at the cultural impact these high-end glass bongs have had and why some people are willing to spend their savings to pick one up.

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The Story of Illadelph Glass: Part One

Illadelph Glass has been around since 2002. In the years since their founding they have made a name for themselves through their many innovations and their unrelenting commitment to producing what they call “high end… functional borosilicate glass art”. Their innovations include the introduction of coil condensers, disc perc technology, multi-hole bowl designs, pyramid percs, up stem ash catchers and more which have made their bongs some of the most highly sought after on the US market. In this post the team at the 710 Pipes headshop in Denver take a close look at maybe the most important bong manufacturer in the US.

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Heady Glass vs. Scientific Glass: Which is Right for You?

In your parent’s day (or your grandparent’s day as the case may be) cannabis was a controversial subject. People who enjoyed a good buzz had to buy their weed on the streets of Denver from some very shady types and roll joints that could be easily concealed and smoked once they got to a safe place, like their friend’s attic. Bongs were rare because they were difficult to hide from parents and po-lice alike and difficult to transport in a safe, discreet fashion.

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How Often Should Glass Bongs Be Cleaned?

There’s nothing like a beautiful, well-made glass bong. The look, the feel, the monster hits. It’s enough to make you want to skip work and indulge yourself. But there’s an element to bong ownership that often goes unspoken, either because people are simply unaware of it, or because they believe its importance is overstated: cleanliness. Here at the 710 vape shop in Denver people often ask us if their bong needs to be cleaned. Our answer usually goes something like “Do you clean the plates you eat off of?”

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Is Smoking a Bong Healthier than Alternatives?

You’re starting to realize that smoking might not actually be the healthiest activity you partake in.

Whether you’re smoking cigarettes, cannabis pipes or joints, you’re consuming harmful toxins and inhaling smoke into your lungs. Yuck!

Luckily, there’s a (potential) solution: the almighty bong.

If the smoke passes through the water, it must be filtered to at least some extent, right? Or is the water just there to cool it down?

Let’s get to the bottom of this!

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Absolute Must-Haves in the Perfect Smoking Room

Your favorite online smoke shop is here to walk you through how to have the most amazing smoking room ever dreamt up!

A good session can happen anywhere. But a great session needs careful planning and ambiance setting.

We’ve really thought this one through to give you the best experience possible. After all, it’s what we do!

So sit back, relax, and let us teach you how to take your session to the next level!

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Heady Glass 101: An Essential Guide

Updated in April 2022
Our online smoke shop carries a range of stunning and locally made heady glass. If you’re new to the head shop scene, or looking to better understand your options, review our expert guide to learn the essentials of heady glass.

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Six Misconceptions About Smoking a Bong

Updated on September 22nd 2023

Over the past quarter-century, weed has gradually emerged from the shadows and increasingly gained mainstream acceptance. With that acceptance has come a significant uptick in the amount of dialogue regarding everyone’s favorite herb. Mixed in among the funny stories, uplifting tales, and useful information are a surprising number of misconceptions and urban legends. This is particularly true when it comes to bongs.

In an effort to try and set the record straight, those of us at your favorite online smoke shop decided to take a look at a half-dozen of the most pervasive and, in some cases, head-scratching misconceptions regarding the humble bong. So let’s get to it.

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Heady Glass vs. Scientific Glass: How Do They Compare?

If you are new to bongs you may be a bit confused by some of the terminology. That’s only natural. One of the terms people seem to be most perplexed about is “heady glass”. There is also some generalized confusion about whether heady and scientific glass are the same thing. And if they’re not, then what’s the difference?

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A Glimpse into the History of Glassblowing

We tend to take our custom glass pipes in Denver for granted, but we shouldn’t. The craft used to create them – glassblowing – is an ancient one that takes years to master, and the story of glassblowing is, in some ways, the story of civilization.

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Putting Together The Ultimate Bong Collection

For many people, the bong is the ultimate vehicle for enjoying their favorite herb. They’re easy to use, don’t require rolling, provide you with Olympic-level hits and are all the rage at parties. Not to mention that they also make good objects to zone out on after you’ve polished off a couple of bowls. But with so many different bongs on the market today it got those of us at your favorite online smoke shop to thinking: “Why have just one bong? Why not have different bongs for different occasions?” And so that’s what this article is all about: Putting together the ultimate bong collection. Enjoy.

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Glass Pipes vs Bongs: What’s Right for YOU?

There are certain questions that have vexed even the smartest among us since the dawn of time: Where did we come from? What happens after we die? Which is better, a glass pipe or a bong? While we don’t have definitive answers to the first two questions, our status as purveyors of custom glass pipes and bongs positions us pretty well to try and tackle the third question.

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Five Common Myths About Online Smoke Shops

Updated on July 19th 2023

In 2020, 710 Pipes launched our online smoke shop, making hundreds of our best products available for online purchase to adult customers throughout the United States. With this transition, we’ve been approached with a range of questions from a variety of curious customers about the pros and cons of online purchasing – including first-time visitors dipping their toe into the smoke shop scene and longtime, regular customers alike. It’s come to our attention that a few major myths about online smoke shops are surprisingly common today. Today’s online smoke shop guide is here to address five common misconceptions about online smoke shops – and to set the record straight once and for all about this increasingly popular way to purchase smoking devices, accessories and more.

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Glass Blowing 101: All Of The Terms You Need To Know

Glass blowing is, and always will be, considered a true art form. Glass is an incredibly versatile material, and can be formed for nearly any function imaginable– especially when in the hands of an experienced glass blower. For a beginner, learning the terminology is usually task #1 to becoming a reputable artist. Read more below for a rundown from our smoke shop team on all of the terms you need to know!

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Four Important Reasons to Keep Your Water Pipes Clean

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has even the messiest cannabis smokers taking a second glance at their water pipes and smart rigs. More than ever before, our lives may depend on the length of our hand-washing sessions, coverage of our mouths and stringent sanitization of common surfaces. The good old days of “puff, puff pass” as the recommended practice are now officially behind us – do your friends a favor and keep the blunt to yourself this year.

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How is Heady Glass Made?

If you’re a smoke shop regular, you’re likely to appreciate the art of well-crafted heady glass pieces. It’s impossible not to respect the intricacy and vision in exceptional glass pieces by talented glassblowers on the market today. When you’re marveling at the works of Denver legends like Hedman Headies, Mycomann, 2 Kind Glass and more, you may find yourself wondering exactly how these works of art are made. Today’s article takes a closer look at the process of heady glass creation with a step-by-step review of the standard glassblowing process.

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