How to Store Your Stash

Four sealed mason jars holding nuggets of cannabis

Not too hot…

Avoid storing cannabis near anything that gives off heat. Mold and mildew grow most quickly in warm temperatures – especially in the range of 77° to 86° F. Keeping your stash somewhere cooler than this will go a long way toward preventing this type of contamination.  High temperatures can also damage the chemical composition of marijuana, potentially damaging terpenes that developed over months of mindful care. You’ll get a harsh, hot hit of smoke if you dry out your supply and damage these essential oils. So keep it someplace cool, and your throat will thank you.

…But Not Too Cold

Some smokers are in the habit of storing their stash in their refrigerators or freezers for any number of reasons. Some swear by fridge storage, thinking that it keeps weed fresh, or that it keeps the not-so-subtle smell from permeating their main living space. Maybe it saves some time to keep it right beside your favorite munchies. Regardless, storing weed in the fridge or freezer is inadvisable from a scientific perspective. In fact, the freezer’s frigidity can damage the chemical composition, weakening the trichomes and increasing the likelihood that they’ll break off like little green icicles. If you’re looking for the quality to last, fridges and freezers are not the answer. And if you are worried about keeping the notorious odor under wraps, we’re here for you. Associates at any of our smoke shops can show you our selection of air-tight containers to put your mind at ease.

Moisture Matters

Like overly warm environments, too much moisture will spoil your stash. Aim to store cannabis somewhere without excess humidity, to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. A relative humidity between 59% and 63% is just right, and staying within that zone helps uphold peak quality in several aspects, including color, flavor, and scent.

You may have heard of users adding fruit rinds into their stash containers, to keep them hydrated and flavorful. While some smokers swear by this, proceed with caution. Adding fruit may add too much moisture and invite the growth of mold – turning your treasured stash into trash.

Not Cool, Sun

Studies have shown that UV rays are the single biggest threat to your marijuana’s quality. Overexposure to direct sunlight is damaging in a few ways. UV rays will sap the moisture and essential compounds of your cannabis, like terpenes and cannabinoids, severely lessening its quality overall. Leaving your weed somewhere with too much light exposure can damage its flavor, aroma, and potency – and also make the smoke much harsher to inhale. Furthermore, leaving a glass jar in the sun will amplify the heat and dampen the inside of your jar with “sweat.” And as we mentioned, moisture causes mold. So if you want your weed to last, kill the lights and keep the sun away.

Leave It Alone

For the sake of simplicity, many users keep all of their smoke supplies in the same place as their cannabis. Leaving your weed amongst water pipes, vaporizers and other paraphernalia may cause it to absorb their respective odors (especially if they’re not freshly cleaned). Some of us care more about this than others. As a rule of thumb, if you truly appreciate the natural flavor of unadulterated cannabis, don’t put it at risk of absorbing any other chemicals and flavors.

Holder? I Hardly Know Her!

Having just the right holder for your weed can make a major difference.  While baggies are the easiest and cheapest way to go, this type of storage is otherwise a terrible choice. For starters, it’s far from smell-proof for those who want to keep their habit under wraps. Plastic won’t protect your weed from the aforementioned hazards of light, changing temperatures, and humidity. Keeping weed in plastic baggies for too long leaves your stash susceptible to the absorption of BPA, adding unwanted estrogen to your cannabis, and the lungs of all those who smoke it.

Using air-tight storage containers is important, for reasons far beyond subtlety. If you can’t get your hands on a vacuum-sealing case, tightly-sealing glass and ceramic containers are a good choice. Regardless of your holder, you’ll still need to ensure that it’s kept somewhere dark and dry without fluctuations in temperature. Drawers, closets and cabinets should all do the trick. If you’re using a mason jar, wipe it clean before filling it up.

Cannabis humidors are made from quality, mahogany wood, and allow you to store your stash in style. You can find one right away at your favorite head shop (we’re hoping it’s ours). These will help keep your weed safe from humidity and maintain the freshness well. Note that tobacco humidors differ from cannabis ones. Tobacco humidors are traditionally made from cedar, which can enhance tobacco, but damages weed with unwanted odors and oils.

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