Six Types of Accessories Sold Online by 710 Pipes

Updated on September 22nd 2023

Handmade locally blown Moxie Glass carb caps in assorted colors in 710 Pipes' online smoke shop

710 Pipes is known for our exceptional smoking devices like dab rigs, hookahs, and water pipes. We carry hundreds of heady glass pieces available for sale in our online smoke shop, and thousands in our Denver and Northglenn pipe shop locations. We also have smart rigs and vaporizer products to meet every preference and price range. While these types of products may be our best-known options, they’re certainly not all we carry. If you’re in the market for smoke shop accessories, we have you covered with a range of options available on-site and online. Today’s guide explores our online smoke shop’s most popular accessory categories.


Grinders are simplistic and lightweight devices used to break down legal herb. Grinding herb before you fill your bowl or roll it into rolling papers increases the potency of your product and prevents wasting the plants’ valuable but delicate trichomes, preventing you from wasting your time and money. Our online smoke shop has acrylic grinders available for sale for just five dollars, and high-quality metallic three-piece grinders by Santa Cruz available in assorted colors.

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Carrying Cases

High-end heady glass pieces are known for their exceptional beauty and impeccable design. While these pieces are built to last with proper care, a single drop could shatter your favorite heady piece, putting its beauty (and the hard-earned cash it costs) to waste. That’s just one reason why carrying cases are an essential accessory for anyone looking to transport their water pipes, hookahs, or other pieces between locations (even if that’s just from room to room). Smart rigs and vaporizers now give their users more versatility than ever before with lightweight models, remote USB charging capability, and extended battery lives. Designated cases for vaporizers like the Puffco PEAK Bag, or our other quality, heavy-duty carrying case options let you transport your valuable devices without worrying about surface dings or worse damage.

Carb Caps

Carb caps can be made of several materials like titanium, quartz, glass, and ceramic. They’re used for dabbing concentrates at low temperatures, creating a chamber with restricted airflow in which your concentrates can vaporize. Carb caps have pointed handles which also serve as dabbing tools, as well as rounded ends known as “caps.” In addition to our other dabbing devices like smart rigs and dabbing tools, our online smoke shop carries carb caps from some of Denver’s best glassblowers, including Moxie Glass and Mycomann.

Dabbing Tools

Pointed dabbing tools are used to pick up dabs of concentrates like wax or shatter. Using these tools, dabbers can transport these pieces from their original packaging to the heated surface on dabbing devices like oil rig pipes or smart rigs. This helps to protect your skin from the high-temperature devices, which could easily leave a nasty burn if touched directly. They’re the concentrate-lover’s equivalent to a chef’s use of tongs to maneuver culinary masterpieces in progress. Our local smoke shops have a fantastic selection of dabbing tools, and we have assorted colors of stainless steel dabbing tools available for sale online.

Glass Cleaner

No matter how often you’re using a hand pipe, water pipe, or hookah, a few smudges and gradually accumulating residue will slowly surface in time. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to scrub your pipes clean with plain old soap and water. Don’t let your favorite heady glass pieces get dirty – show them the love they deserve with glass cleaner. Glass cleaners from Dark Cleaner Glass can effectively clean your glass and quartz pieces. Does your smoking device selection include additional materials like Pyrex, metal, or ceramic pipes? If so, Formula 710 Advanced Pipe Cleaner could be the perfect (cleaning) solution.

Rolling Trays

Frequent smokers can quickly accumulate a number of accessories and tools – and if you’re not careful, you’re sure to lose essentials among other household clutter. What’s worse, concentrates and herb can make a mess of your household surfaces. Similarly, herb and rolling papers can easily absorb everyday greases and sticky spots on the surfaces you use most often. Does this mean you have to wipe your tables down before and after every smoking session? We won’t stop you, but it won’t be necessary with rolling trays, as they can eliminate those issues altogether. Many trays like Ooze’s three-in-one bundle tray keep your products close at hand with individualized side compartments, so organization of your favorite tools has never been easier. Even simpler rolling tray models provide a designated surface for your smoking needs, with the option to easily transport your stuff elsewhere when not in use. Gone are the days of unpacking and repacking your most-used smoking products or cluttering up coffee tables with countless accessories.

Our Online Smoke Shop has These Accessories and More!

710 Pipes has all of the smoke shop products you need and more. We carry a great selection of the accessory types listed above plus downstems, bangers, hat pins and so much more! Stop by our Northglenn head shop or our smoke shop in Denver seven days a week. Denver University students get 10% off with a valid student ID!

If you’re over age 21 in Colorado or other legal U.S. states seeking quality pipe shop products, Our online smoke shop has several options available for immediate purchase from the safety and comfort of your couch. You’ll also find exceptional prices on hundreds more of our popular products – all deliverable straight to your doorstep. Whether you’re shopping online or onsite, 710 Pipes is proud to provide you with the very best pipe shop products on the market today.

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