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How Does Cannabis Affect Appetite?

Can our Northglenn smoke shop truly help impact your appetite? And what are the medical advantages, as well as disadvantages, to this superpower?

There are a lot of mumbo jumbo claims made about marijuana that aren’t backed by any science. But THC’s and CBD’s impacts on hunger are actually based in reality.

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A Short History of the Herb Vaporizer

Vaping is associated with the 21st century to almost the same degree as digital technology. It’s a thoroughly modern phenomenon made possible by various subtle technological advances and anyone who tells you otherwise is just blowing vape clouds up your you-know-what. Or are they?

Most anyone you ask in your local vape shop will be happy to tell you that the whole vape thing is a response to the rise of contemporary cannabis culture. But the truth is vaping has been with us for thousands of years. That doesn’t mean that the ancients had contemporary-looking vaporizers, but rather that they understood and practiced the art of vaporizing using a variety of low-tech methods.

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The Next Decade of CBD

The Nielsen Company is an American organization, specializing in data collection and measurement. With half a billion dollars in annual revenue, they lead the industry of market research firms in the United States. Nielsen works to amass data in a broad range of industries, and subsequently predict consumer trends we can expect to see in each. Recently, researchers at Nielsen released their predictions of what can be expected in the cannabis industry this decade. We’ve studied their predictions and put together their top predictions of changes in the decade to come.

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Five Expert Cannabis Industry Predictions for 2020

Updated on July 19th 2023

Increased Earnings in the Fourth Quarter
David Mukpo, COO of cannabis-industry brand tökr, predicts a thinning of the herd of marijuana-related brands – and a boost in fourth-quarter earnings among the top contenders of cannabis. “Through the early part of the year, some of the largest cannabis companies struggling will lead to marquee companies closing the door,” explains Mukpo. “As the field narrows, this will be offset by Q4 being the most optimistic time in Cannabis over the previous 24 months as the market factors begin to stabilize.”

Update (July 2023): Industry leader Aurora Cannabis reported a net revenue of $72.1 million in the fourth quarter of 2020 – a net profit reduction of approximately five percent compared to their third quarter.

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Broomfield Makes CBD Development History with 400,000 Square Foot Lab

Hemp, marijuana and cannabidiol have similar roots and are often confused by members of the public who are still green to cannabis culture. The three substances differ in a few key ways. More specifically, CBD differs from marijuana in its composition. As smoke shop regulars may know, THC is the component of marijuana with the propensity for psychoactive effects. Contrastingly, CBD contains no greater than 0.3% THC. CBD reached the threshold of federal legalization last year – a major milestone for the up-and-coming substance. And perhaps no community has embraced the product more than our beloved community of Colorado.

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Government Grants Fund $3 Million in CBD Research

Many cannabis lovers advocate the plant for its expansive range of reported health benefits. From psychological afflictions like PTSD, ADHD and depression, to physical symptoms like inflammation and chronic pain, users report improvement in a host of difficult maladies. However, many critics of cannabis bypass the pipe shop visits, citing lacking scientific support of largely anecdotal evidence from Mary Jane’s devoted fan-base. Ironically, laws prohibiting the use of the misunderstood substance were largely based in stigma and underdeveloped research – but these same laws prevented the very research that would help uproot them.

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Five Celebrities Cashing In On The Cannabis Industry

Updated on July 19th 2023

Some politicians and conservative public figures have spoken out against the rise of cannabis legalization efforts in states across America. While these vocal opponents have made waves in news media, they seem to be the exception in their resistance and not the norm. Recent polls by the NORC at the University of Chicago have shown that 61% percent of Americans are supportive of legalizing cannabis and its derivatives. That’s the highest approval rating since their annual data collection began in 1973. More and more public figures have come forward to support the legislative movement – and to make an easy buck while doing so. Celebrities have overwhelmingly found commercial success in their marijuana-based marketing enterprises – showing that being publicly pro-cannabis can boost one’s social profile. Better yet for weed lovers, for every star who puts out products of their own, the product range at your nearest head shop continues to rise. Here’s a look at five celebrities that are currently capitalizing on cannabis culture.

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New Colorado Legislation Expands List of Conditions Approved for MMJ

The American opioid epidemic has damaged and ended countless lives across the nation, disproportionately ravaging communities affected by poverty, economic depression or limited access to social mobility. The lack of sufficient healthcare in many American communities further exacerbates the increasing reliance on prescription painkillers to manage the effects of chronic illnesses – and the inability for users to cease their reliance on addictive painkillers, whether or not the original symptoms remain.

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The ABCs of CBD

Nationwide advocates of CBD rave about its benefits for a broad range of maladies, physical and psychological. For many afflicted with arthritis, epilepsy, anxiety or countless other ailments, CBD has been life-changing, and the benefits felt by users are heralded without any doubt. The success stories, coupled with a lack of side effects or propensity for addiction, have fueled countless users to adopt CBD in their own treatment regiment – and spread the craze to others still. Better yet, unlike THC-heavy products, pure CBD can be found at vape shops and head shops like 710Pipes. While CBD has been life-changing for many, and countless credible sources have conducted research in support of their claims, federal administrators have been slow to meet the public’s demand for research into cannabidiol’s efficacy. PubMed has published research affirming CBD’s role in alleviating the symptoms of more than fifty ailments. As the opioid epidemic rages across the nation, having a non-addictive, non-intoxicating alternative with a significant capacity for relief has been a godsend to users everywhere.

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The CBD Beverage Industry: We’ll Drink To That!

Shirtless muscular man drinking energy drink in gym

Expo! Expo! Read All About It!

At the 2018 Natural Products Expo, which took place last March in Anaheim, California, the latest and most innovative trends in holistic health were showcased. There it became clear how quickly the cannabidiol craze is taking hold of the beverage industry. From CBD soda, coffee blends, matcha and tea, the public demand for CBD has not gone unnoticed, and beverage makers have answered their call. As marijuana restrictions slowly fade with every election, the market for consumable cannabinoids of any variety is rising. In fact, in 2017 alone, the legal weed industry raked in more than $9 BILLION dollars in revenue. Since recreational weed became legal in the state of California, those blazing-high profits have skyrocketed further still. Hemp-based CBD is far more accessible than THC – in fact, its consumption is now legal (for some or all users) in 47 U.S. States (sorry Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota). Better yet, for anyone near 710 Pipes in Northglenn or our D.U. head shop location, wide varieties of CBD products are available right now.

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Just What Is CBD? It’s Great, and You Should Have It in Your Life

Legislators have recently started to try and regulate this awesome compound – but what is it exactly? CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of about 80 naturally occurring molecular compounds exclusive to Hemp and Cannabis plants. It is non-psychotropic, meaning it doesn’t produce any of the intoxicating effects usually associated with Cannabis. It does, however, help treat a tremendous range of medical conditions from inflammation to Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy and PTSD. In recent years CBD has become a fascination of medical studies and legislators alike – but individuals struggling with a myriad of health problems are the ones who bear the burden of floundering legal policies. Craziest of all: for the first time, it seems, the government has patented a plant.

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Surprising Diseases Cured by Cannabis

For decades, healers, shamans, alternative practitioner and the like, have been prescribing cannabis to their patrons due to the well-known healing and restorative benefits. It hasn’t been until recent years that it has become more accepted in the mainstream medical fields today.

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