Six Popular Bong Shapes and Their Effects

Blue and translucent glass beaker bongs by Illadelph

If you have spent any time perusing the selection of bongs, heady glass, and other pipes in our online head shop you may come away with questions regarding the different styles of pipes. In other words, you might wind up asking yourself what is the significance of all those bong shapes. And maybe more to the point, does the shape of a bong really matter? The answer to the second question is, “Yes. The shape does matter.” The answer to the first question is more complicated, which means you’ll need to read on to learn what all those bong shapes mean.

The Different Bong Shapes Explained

When it comes to bongs the significance of different shapes is not night and day. All bongs pretty much perform the same function, the different shapes simply impact various aspects of that function to greater or lesser degrees.

Rest assured that no matter what shape bong you purchase from our online smoke shop it will provide the desired buzz without fail. That said, let’s look at the significance of different bong designs.

The Straight Tube

Historically this is the most popular shape for a bong, but that’s largely because for decades it was just about the only shape available. There’s nothing fancy about a straight tube bong. The bowl sits at the top of a downstem whose base is submerged in water at the bottom of the main bong chamber. There are two main advantages to straight tube bongs: for one, they’re typically the most affordable type of bong because they’re so easy to make. They’re also the easiest type of bong to clean – and cleaning bongs regularly is essential.

The Beaker

As the name implies the beaker bong mimics the design of laboratory beakers. The scientific overtones alone seem to appeal to lots of folks for reasons only they understand. But beyond the mysteries of personal taste, there is a huge practical advantage to having a beaker bong: they’re stable as the day is long. That aspect of the beaker bond appeals to many of our online head shop customers because knocking over bongs and breaking them is all too common in the stoner community. The odds of that happening with a beaker bong are practically zero.

The Zig Zag

Zig Zag bongs have an s-shape tube that evokes wisps of cannabis smoke wafting up from a bowl. When you’re stoned out of your gourd this can provide an interesting focal point for contemplation. Even when you’re on the straight and narrow the Zig Zag bong still cuts an awesome profile that’s sure to be a hit amongst your friends when you pass it around at a party. The practical advantage of a zig-zag bong is that it prevents water from the tank from splashing up toward the mouthpiece. Saving you from inhaling skanky bong water.

Faberge Eggs

No, not the real things worth millions of dollars but a pretty simplistic rendering of the classic Imperial bauble. A Faberge egg bong cannot compete with the real thing when it comes to elaborate execution but they are able to evoke their more famous namesakes with their compelling lines and bright colors. Most Faberge egg bongs are percolator bongs whose main advantage is that they provide very smooth hits.


If it’s smooth hits you’re after and the Faberge egg bong just isn’t delivering you might want to pick up a recycler bong from our Denver headshop. The recycler takes filtration of the smoke to the next level, providing two (and sometimes more) filtration chambers. That is its main advantage over other bongs. It doesn’t hurt that most recycler bongs also have mind-blowing designs that look like they fell out of a spaceship as it passed overhead.


The bubbler is designed to fulfill the same basic function as every other bong. So why would someone pick up a bubbler instead of, say, a straight tube bong or a beaker bong? Because the bubbler is a scaled-down version of a standard bong that makes taking a bong along with you a no-hassle experience. Most bongs never leave their owner’s digs simply because they’re too large and unwieldy to tote around. The bubbler effectively addresses that issue.

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