High Bastard KLB #1



Introducing the High Bastard KLB, a marvel of glass artistry and engineering precision. Affectionately known as the Klein Lil’ Bastard, this piece stands at an ideal 7 inches, offering a perfect blend of portability and performance. Crafted by the esteemed High Bastard Boro, the KLB is a testament to innovative design and aesthetic beauty.

Product Features:

Feature Benefit
7 Inches Tall The compact size ensures easy handling and convenience, making it perfect for both home and on-the-go use.
14mm Joint A standard 14mm joint provides a secure fit with various attachments, offering versatility in your smoking sessions.
Central Vortex Drain The central vortex drain leads to enhanced filtration, creating a whirlpool effect for smoother hits.
Showerhead Style Perc Maximizes bubble production for superior filtration, resulting in clean, smooth hits every time.
Beautiful Fuming The perc system’s exquisite fuming adds an artistic touch, making each piece a visually stunning work of art.
Unique Millie Chip Positioned by the joint, the unique millie chip signifies the individuality and craftsmanship of each Klein Lil’ Bastard.

Why the High Bastard KLB? The High Bastard KLB is not just a piece; it’s a compact powerhouse of filtration and design. With its innovative central vortex drain and showerhead style perc, it promises maximum bubbles and exceptional filtration for a smooth, enjoyable experience. The beautiful fuming and unique millie chip by the joint add a personal touch, making it not only a tool for enjoyment but also a piece of collectible art.

Elevate Your Collection: Enhance your High Bastard KLB experience with the finest accessories from 710 Pipes. Whether you’re looking for premium cleaning tools to keep your KLB in top condition or seeking the perfect attachments to customize your sessions, find everything you need to complement your exquisite piece.

Discover the Art of Smoking with the High Bastard KLB The High Bastard KLB invites you to redefine your smoking experience. With its blend of compact elegance, unparalleled filtration, and unique aesthetic features, it stands ready to become the crown jewel of your collection. Add to Cart Now for an experience that combines sophistication with functionality. Or Visit Your Local Store Today!

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