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Puffco Peak Pro 3D Chamber
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Upgrade your dabbing experience with the advanced Puffco Peak Pro 3D and 3D XL Chambers, designed to deliver unparalleled performance, flavor, and efficiency. These innovative chambers incorporate cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design to meet the needs of both casual and serious concentrate enthusiasts.

Feature 3D Chamber 3D XL Chamber
Heating Technology Adaptive heat tracers for sidewall heating Advanced 3D heating tracers for consistent heating
Vapor Production Produces 15% more vapor Twice as much vapor output with less reclaim
Heat-Up Time 33% faster heat-up Faster heat-up, optimized for larger dabs
Bowl Size Standard bowl size 78% increased bowl size
Battery Efficiency Reduced battery consumption Enhanced efficiency for extended sessions
Design Polished ceramic heating surface Larger ceramic bowl with sleek design
Airflow Control Includes XL Joystick Cap for directional airflow control

The Puffco Peak Pro 3D Chamber features adaptive heat tracers that direct heat to the sides of the chamber, preserving terpenes and cannabinoids for optimal flavor and potency. This chamber produces 15% more vapor and heats up 33% faster than the standard chamber, all while reducing battery consumption for longer sessions​

The Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber takes dabbing to the next level with a 78% larger bowl size, making it perfect for those who enjoy larger dabs and extended sessions. Its advanced 3D heating tracers ensure consistent heating and superior vapor production, while the included XL Joystick Cap allows for precise control over airflow, enhancing the vaporization efficiency and flavor of your concentrates​.


  • How does the 3D Chamber enhance flavor? Adaptive heat tracers preserve terpenes and cannabinoids, ensuring optimal flavor and potency.

  • What makes the 3D XL Chamber different from the standard 3D Chamber? The 3D XL Chamber features a significantly larger bowl and enhanced heating technology for more powerful hits and longer sessions.

Recommended Accessories from 710 Pipes:

  1. Peak Pro Travel Pack: Keep your device and accessories organized on the go.
  2. Cleaning Accessories: Maintain the pristine condition of your chamber with specialized cleaning kits.
  3. Puffco Pro Travel Bag: Protect your device and add a touch of personalization.

Upgrade Your Dabbing Experience:

Elevate your Puffco Peak Pro with the 3D and 3D XL Chambers and experience the pinnacle of vaporization technology. Add to Cart Now or visit your local 710 Pipes store today to enjoy smoother, more flavorful hits and extended sessions. Embrace the future of dabbing with these essential upgrades, designed for those who demand the very best.

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3D Chamber, 3D XL Chamber


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