Ryedeyer Recycler Tube – Ectoplasm

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Ryedeyer Recycler Tube - Ectoplasm
Original price was: $700.00.Current price is: $600.00.
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RYE DEYER – Gridline Double Uptake Recycler Tube: Ectoplasm Edition Discover the fusion of avant-garde artistry and unparalleled functionality with the Ryedeyer Recycler Tube, now in the mesmerizing Ectoplasm edition. Crafted with precision in Colorado Springs, this piece transcends the boundaries of traditional smoking accessories, inviting you into a world where every puff is a celebration of color and craftsmanship.
Feature Benefit
14 inches tall Engineered for delivering powerful yet refined hits, making every session an unforgettable journey.
Gridded Stemline to Double Uptake Recycler Drain Offers superior water filtration for a clean, cool smoking experience, enhancing the flavor and smoothness of your draws.
Tubing Diameter: 50mm Ensures ample airflow for effortless inhalation, allowing you to enjoy the full spectrum of your herb’s flavor.
18mm Female Joint & Color Slide w/ blown-in screen & 18mm Male Joint Provides versatility and ease of use, compatible with an array of accessories to tailor your smoking experience.
Made in Colorado Springs (USA) Guarantees a product of the highest quality, reflecting American craftsmanship and durability.
Ectoplasm Glass Color Features a bright yellow-green hue with a touch of fuminess, adding a radiant and otherworldly aesthetic that captivates and enchants.
Why the Ectoplasm Ryedeyer Recycler Tube? The Ryedeyer Recycler Tube in Ectoplasm doesn’t just captivate with its striking appearance; it also delivers unparalleled functionality. Its meticulous design ensures every session is smooth, flavorful, and utterly enjoyable. The double uptake recycler drain system purifies and cools your smoke, providing a pristine and satisfying hit every time. This fusion of form and function exemplifies the innovation and quality that RYE DEYER is renowned for. Accessorize Your Ectoplasm Experience: Embrace the allure of Ectoplasm and let it transform your sessions into a spectacle of color and cloud. Visit your local 710 Pipes store or add it to your cart now to begin your journey!


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