How to Choose the Best Dabbing Tool

Person using stainless steel dab tool to move wax concentrate from storage container to heady glass dab rig

If you prefer consuming concentrates and extracts to dry forms of cannabis, a dab rig is exactly what you need. Dab rigs are a type of water pipe designed specifically for waxes and oils. While the design of most dab rigs is fairly straightforward with functionality in mind, you can’t enjoy your dabs without the help of a dabbing tool.

Why Use a Dab Tool?

Dabbing tools – commonly referred to as wands or dabbers – are used to transfer concentrates from their storage containers to your dab nail or portable vaporizer. While you can technically skip the dabbing tool and use your fingers, it’s safer to use a tool and not risk burning your fingers when transferring your wax to a scalding rig.

Another advantage of dab tools is the precision they offer – letting you grab exactly the amount of concentrate you’re after without overdoing it or settling for less. Your fingers can stay clean without touching the sticky wax directly. After moving wax with a wand and taking a dab, you can relax and enjoy the effects without spreading sticky residue or running to the sink to wash up.

Finally, dabbing tools help to prevent concentrates getting absorbed by your fingertips – much like the precious terpenes spared by using a grinder for your dry herb. Spending a little pocket change on dab tools essentially pays for itself in time, as the wax that would otherwise be wasted when transferred with your fingers can easily be scraped from your tool and enjoyed.

Dab Tool Materials

There are nearly as many options of these simple dabbing accessories as the rigs they’re built to accompany. Dabbing tools can be made of many materials including stainless steel, glass, quartz, ceramic and more. While each of these materials have their own advantages and drawbacks, they’re all regarded for their heat-resistance and durability.

Dab Tool Styles

Scoop-Style Dabber

Scoop-style dabbing tools let you grab extra sticky pieces of hash with ease, even when it may be too difficult to do so with your fingers or other types of tools. The best scoop-style wands essentially work like a smaller version of a regular spoon. Many users prefer scoop-style dabbers to have a sharper edge at the top, helping to slice the desired amount of crumbles, budders, isolates, and other forms of wax from larger chunks in storage containers to your dabbing nail.

Paddles and Blades

Like scoop-style dabbers with a sharpened edge, paddles and blades make it easy to break off a small piece of hash from larger stored chunks. Paddles work well with waxes that are more viscous in form. Just as paddled oars are the perfect choice for pulling a boat through river water, paddle-shaped dabbing tools help to move more viscous forms of concentrates more naturally than other forms of wands. Many consider paddle tools to the perfect blend of scoop-style dabbers and straight tools, bringing users the biggest benefits of each.

Glass Dabber

There are many advantages to glass dabbing tools compared to those made of other materials. They’re generally sleek and visually appealing, and the malleable material lets glassblowers imbue some pieces with their own artistic, one-of-a-kind flair. Glass wands pair nicely with heady glass dab rigs and quartz inserts, as there’s no risk of damaging either material from scraping with metal dabbing tool alternatives. Glass tools are well suited for live resins, sugar crystal and other sticky forms of concentrates.

Dabbing Tool and Carb Cap Combo

Many devoted dabbers swear by the combination of wands and carb caps to use with a favorite enail. Buying the two together reduces the need for extra dabbing accessories. Better yet, carb caps are a great cover for the dish of an enail. These two accessories are a match made in dabbing heaven, so there’s no need for them to be apart.

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