The Story of Illadelph Glass: Part Two

Illadelph Glass emblem on translucent glass bong in smoke shop

In Part one of our look at Illadelph Glass, we went over their history, their reasons for and relationship with Philadelphia (which extends right to the company name “Illadelph”), some of the reasons their pipes are so expensive and a few ways to tell if you have a real or a fake Illadelph pipe. In Part 2 the team at the 710 Pipes headshop in Denver look at the cultural impact these high-end glass bongs have had and why some people are willing to spend their savings to pick one up.

Illadelph Pipes in the Spotlight

Illadelph has been around for just over 20 years now and in that time they’ve managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the cultural zeitgeist through savvy marketing and associations with some big name counterculture, and not-so-counterculture, figures.

There is no doubt that Illadelph, like a lot of pipe makers, benefitted from the widespread relaxation or elimination of cannabis laws nationwide. But a loosening of laws governing the sale and use of marijuana is not the only reason for the extraordinary popularity of Illadelph pipes.

Just as important has been the company’s partnership with boxing legend Mike Tyson who lent his name to a line of pipes released by the company and has been seen on TV smoking from his namesake pipe alongside Snoop Dogg.

Other notable Illadelph fans include Wiz Khalifa who was photographed at a Creep Records Store in Philadelphia partaking of some weed by way of an Illadelph Rasta Signature Series Beaker pipe. And in 2022 rapper Bobby Shmurda posted photos to his Instagram of him using an Illadelph beaker bong.

These and other incidents have caused the Illadelph pipe to take on semi-mythic qualities and become some of the most sought after heady glass in the country.

Why Are People So Enamored of Illadelph Heady Glass?

Beauty and quality: Illadelph Glass is deceptively simple in design. From a distance an Illadelph pipe may look not much different than beaker bongs from other manufacturers. Once you get up close and personal with one of these pipes, however, the quality becomes something you can see and feel. From the perfectly sealed ground glass joints to the highly detailed and flawlessly executed decals, the delightful balance and the easy way they produce monster hits, Illadelph glass pipes are indeed in league of their own.

  • Value – Value?< At a cost of low 4-figures it might be difficult to think of an Illadelph pipe as being a great value, but it is. Why? Because you’re getting more than a peerless platform for getting the most out of your expensive cannabis. You’re also getting a work of art created by some of the most talented and forward-thinking glass blowers in the business.
  • Innovative functionality – Over the years Illadelph Glass has spearheaded numerous advances in bong design including disc perc technology, coil condensers, up-stem ash catchers pyramid percs, spinning marble design and much more. If you enjoy knowing the bong you bought from the 710 Pipes pipe shop is at the leading-edge of the water pipe experience you’ll love owning an Illadelph bong.
  • Exclusivity – Let’s face it, people enjoy knowing that they have something others can’t afford. That’s been true for as long as there have been things to buy. The Illadelph bong is no different. While some people enjoy the beauty of these bongs and others enjoy their easy effectiveness, still others get off on knowing that they’re the only ones on their block in Denver who can afford an Illadelph pipe.



Illadelph Glass has carved out a nice niche for itself and with cannabis laws undergoing further relaxation with each passing year it seems the company’s position is secure as long as they continue to maintain their rigorous commitment to producing a quality product.

710 Pipes are proud to offer a variety of stunning Illadelph glass pipes through both our brick and mortar and online head shop. If you’d like to know what all the fuss is about, stop by our pipe shop and see one of our Illadelph pipes in person.

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