Five Things to Consider When Buying Your Next Hookah

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Cannabis isn’t the only legal herb beloved by countless American adults. There are so many reasons to love hookah and shisha products. As we explored in an earlier article, hookah pipes originated in Ming Dynasty China more than a thousand years ago, and they’ve been a source of relaxation and enjoyment for nearly a thousand years since. Hookah bars are a popular venue to consume your favorite hookah and shisha products in the company of friends and fellow fans. However, with the widespread closures brought on by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, hookah bars across Colorado and the United States have temporarily closed their doors.

There’s no better way to maintain access to our favorite inhalable indulgence than purchasing hookah gear of our own. In the market for a new hookah pipe? There are a few important components to consider before buying your own hookah pipe. That’s why 710 Pipes has released this guide of a few essential aspects to consider before buying your next hookah pipe.

Style: Traditional or Modern?

Traditional hookahs differ by region, and they may vary in design and details by the area in which they’re created. Regardless of where they’re made, traditional hookahs generally have a single, central tube spanning the entirety of the hookah stem. Traditional models generally have a hose and purge valve line combined in a single tube, whereas modern hookahs tend to have a distinct tube for each. Modern hookah models also tend to have narrower gauges than traditional models, and some include a built-in check valve system. While individual preferences vary, the wider gauges of traditional hookahs generally allow for an easier draw than modern models.

How Many Hoses?

Multi-hose hookahs may be appealing – especially if you’re looking to use your hookah at parties, or with groups of friends once the days of social distancing are over. However, hookahs with multiple hoses can reduce the performance and quality of your hits. Multi-hose hookahs are also more difficult to clean, making single-hose varieties a little more popular choice among seasoned hookah users.

If your heart is set on a hookah with multiple hoses, fear not. Hoses which aren’t in use can be plugged with rubber stoppers until they’re needed. This can make it easy to enjoy your multi-hose hookah with the same functionality as a single-hose model – with an eye-catching, group-ready model to share when the option for parties finally returns.

Does Size Matter?

The height of hookah pipes does affect their performance to some degree. Hookahs with larger stems and vases generate more smoke upon inhalation. While it’s generally easier to smoke from larger hookahs with ease, many small hookahs also smoke exceptionally well.

Hookahs are available in a range of heights at our online head shop, so you’re sure to find one that matches your preferences. Seasoned hookah users tend to prefer devices between 28 to 32 inches. This height allows for a perfect blend of performance and ease of use. Let us know if you plan to travel often with your hookah, take it camping, or transport it frequently between homes. If you’re in the market for a hookah you can move with ease, you might prefer a smaller model. Similarly, if you’d like a hookah that can be placed on the floor for use, you may prefer a hookah pipe that’s on the taller side.

What’s It Made Of?

Hookah aficionados will sometimes argue that solid brass pipes are ideal – and for good reason. Brass hookahs are the sturdiest available option and they’re built to last forever. Brass hookahs will oxidize over time, but they’ll never corrode. The primary drawback to brass hookahs is the need to polish them over time to maintain their lustrous appearance.

Some users recommend stainless steel hookahs, or hookahs made from a combination of stainless steel and brass or copper. However, it’s essential to determine the quality of steel used in stainless steel hookahs before opting for a stainless steel hookah. Stainless steel hookahs are also vulnerable to rusting and corrosion, reducing the duration that these hookahs are expected to last.

Glass Hookahs allow for a smooth output of smoke and stunning, unique design options. Glass options can be more fragile than metallic alternatives, so these models may need to be handled and washed with a little extra care. Thankfully, 710 Pipes offers an extensive selection of hookahs made from thich, quality glass which significantly increased the quality and durability of each of our exceptionally-made glass pieces.

What’s Your Budget?

Hookahs range in price from under fifty dollars to several hundred dollars or more. In any industry, the old saying tends to ring true: you get what you pay for. Quality hookah pipes like the ones sold at our smoke shop are built to last, so it’s generally worth opting for a model with thicker glass and the exact size and hose quantity to meet your preferences. Hookahs are also available in a variety of options as we’ve discussed above – with variations in height, hose quantity, design and more. The process of selecting the perfect hookah for your home may seem daunting, but our experienced sales team is always available to walk you through the process and help you find the model best suited to your needs.

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