First Time Smoking Weed? Tips You Should Follow

Updated on September 22nd 2023

Two joints rolled in hemp rolling paper with filters beside two nuggets of cannabis

There are decades, even centuries of mystique surrounding weed that draws people to want to try it. The fact that it was illegal for so long only adds to that mystique.

But mystique or not, once they smoke it for the first time most people either love it or they’re not impressed and move on. There is a third type of reaction, however, that occurs in a tiny percentage of first-time smokers: they get a bit freaked out by the way it alters their perceptions.

Because that’s a possibility, the staff of our online smoke shop have compiled this list of 5 tips intended to help first-time weed smokers avoid any unpleasant reactions and make a rational decision about whether they want to continue smoking weed.

First Time Weed Tips from Our Online Head Shop

Tip 1: Be with experienced friends

Weed is likely to mess with your perception of reality so it’s important that your first experience take place in the company of close friends who you trust. Don’t share your first joint with shady characters you’ve never met or allow yourself to be coerced into trying it if you’re uncomfortable.

Also, the first time you smoke weed you should be in familiar surroundings like your house or a friend’s house and not out somewhere you’ve never been before. If you’re in comfortable surroundings with good friends you can just lay back and relax, put on your favorite music, and sink into the experience.

Finally, resist the urge to try weed for the first time all alone. While the chances are you’ll be just fine, there’s also a chance you might feel a bit paranoid or otherwise unsettled. It happens from time to time, and it’s much easier to deal with if there’s a close, trusted friend with you.

Tip 2: Take a good size hit and inhale

If all you do is take a tiny little hit and exhale immediately you’re wasting your time. To truly enjoy cannabis, you need to take a good-sized hit and inhale it directly into your lungs. Then remove the joint or bong from your lips and inhale a bit more air.

Now comes the make-or-break part: hold that hit in your lungs for a few seconds before releasing it. If you take a nice deep hit but exhale quickly there’s a remote chance you might wind up with a mild buzz, but it’s more likely you won’t feel anything.

Coughing is a common side effect experienced by most new weed smokers. So don’t be surprised if you cough the first few times you take a hit. If it happens just relax and drink some water, then give yourself a minute before taking the next hit.

Tip 3: Water, water, water

Not drinking enough water is the cause of many health problems both acute and chronic. Whether you smoke weed or not you need to stay properly hydrated if you want to have any chance of looking and feeling your best.

If you are dehydrated the first time you smoke weed you increase the odds that you’ll have a negative reaction. In addition, inhaling cannabis smoke is likely to dry out your tongue, negatively affect your tastebuds, and produce a pasty sensation in your mouth.

Everyone at our online smoke shop agrees that you can prevent these kinds of unpleasant side effects by drinking enough water.

Tip 4: Don’t push the pedal to the metal

The effects of cannabis take a few minutes to kick in, so don’t take a dozen quick, deep hits the first time out. Take a couple at a relaxed pace, then wait a few minutes and see how you feel. Depending on the quality of the weed you may already be as buzzed as you ever want to be. Or you might want a bit more.

Before you plunge in further do a self-diagnostic. Do you feel calm and giddy? If the answer is “yes” you might want to leave things right there. You’ve got a nice buzz and that’s a great way to start your relationship with cannabis.

Conversely, if you feel nothing after waiting a few minutes try a few more hits and see what happens. If you feel paranoid or uneasy you should pass on any more hits, have some water, and relax. The consensus at our online head shop is that eating something can also help you relax.

Tip 5: Stay calm no matter what

Even if you have a negative reaction to weed it’s important to know that the feeling will pass in relatively short order and you will return to normal with no lasting side effects. So no matter what happens, stay calm.

This is also why it’s important to be with trusted friends the first time. They will understand what you’re going through and because they care about you, they will not try and force you to smoke more, which could only make things worse, at least in the short term.

The Bottom Line

In all likelihood, your first weed experience will be a happy one. But because that is not guaranteed make sure you follow the above tips to minimize the risk of having a negative one. If you’re looking for a quality pipe, bong, or other device for your maiden weed voyage, stop by our Northglenn or Denver head shop locations or order from our online smoke shop today.

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