Five Common Myths About Online Smoke Shops

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Last year, 710 Pipes launched our online smoke shop, making hundreds of our best products available for online purchase to adult customers throughout the United States. With this transition, we’ve been approached with a range of questions from a variety of curious customers about the pros and cons of online purchasing – including first-time visitors dipping their toe into the smoke shop scene and longtime, regular customers alike. It’s come to our attention that a few major myths about online smoke shops are surprisingly common today. Today’s online smoke shop guide is here to address five common misconceptions about online smoke shops – and to set the record straight once and for all about this increasingly popular way to purchase smoking devices, accessories and more.

MYTH: Ordering from Online Smoke Shops is Against the Law

It’s important to be cautious of local and federal laws with every decision you make – especially if you’re tying a purchase to your name, address and credit card information. Many visitors to our site and Denver-area head shops have voiced concerns that ordering products online and having them shipped to your door isn’t legally allowed. We’re here to clarify that this absolutely isn’t the case for shoppers of legal age. If you’re over eighteen and interested in buying devices and accessories from online smoke shops like ours, you have every legal right to do so without fear of any criminal charges. As a word of caution, anything with trace amounts of Federally restricted substances like cannabis shouldn’t be ordered online regardless of your age – so be sure to only buy brand new smoke shop products from reputable sellers like us.

MYTH: Ordering from an Online Smoke Shop Risks My Privacy

Worried about what the neighbors will think if a bong-shaped box spends the day on your doorstep? Don’t stress. Any online smoke shop worth their salt will ship whatever products you order in discrete packaging, so passerbys and postal workers won’t immediately know what’s in the box you ordered. Your credit card information stays similarly private from wandering eyes. Our employees only have access to the last four digits of the card you used to place your order, and we closely guard the records associated with all transactions to maximize your privacy and the security of your financial information from wandering eyes with bad intentions. Ordering products online is the safest option with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, letting you stay as safe and secure as your credit card details while choosing the perfect products from the comfort of your couch.

MYTH: If I Order From Online Smoke Shops, I Won’t Know What I’m Getting

Less-than-reputable sellers have made many online shoppers understandably wary of whether products they order will arrive as advertised. We get it. Odds are that Wish and EBay have done us all wrong at one point or another. Thankfully, 710 Pipes has operated locally for years in the Denver area with three trusted, top-rated local head shop locations. We’ve collected exceptional products from the best local glassblowers and brought them to our shelves since 2016. Our same team is here to carefully package these state-of-the-art product options with every online order. If we sold knock-offs or anything short of our customer’s expectations, online buyers could easily bust us for bad behavior on our Facebook page or through the Google My Business reviews for our Northglenn, D.U. and Colfax stores. If you check out these pages, you’ll see that the opposite is consistently the case, with buyers voicing satisfaction time and time again with the heady glass we send their way.

MYTH: If I Order Heady Glass, It’ll Show Up Late – or Break Before Arriving

This is another common concern of potential customers who call or visit us to voice their concerns. If you’re spending hard-earned money on a quality device to enjoy some herb or shatter, the last thing you want is for the heady glass to shatter before it arrives. The 710 Pipes team does everything in our power to ensure the safety of your products, with warranties and excellent return policies in the unlikely scenario that something did go wrong. Your packages will be clearly marked as fragile so postal workers know to handle them with care. We also treat each order with the immediate attention we’d give a customer in our store, and you can choose to expedite delivery if you can’t wait for the standard length of delivery to enjoy your soon-to-be-favorite new heady glass pieces.

MYTH: Online Smoke Shops Only Sell Mass-Produced and Imported Products

We can’t speak for other online retailers, but for our online smoke shop, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We do offer the latest and greatest products from top manufacturers like PuffCo, Storz and Bickel and Focus V Carta. However, if local glass is what you’re after, we have plenty of quality options you’re sure to love. We pride ourselves in offering expertly crafted heady glass pieces from Denver’s most talented artists – many of whom now showcase their craft by making pieces at 710 Pipes Studio, located in our Northglenn head shop. That’s right – many of the pieces available for purchase online were made right here in our head shop. It doesn’t get more local or original than that!

FACT: 710 Pipes Has Hundreds of Smoke Shop Products Available Online Today!

710 Pipes is proud to offer hundreds of quality devices and accessories for smoking and vaping – including dab rigs, water pipes, hookahs and so much more! Our Northglenn and Denver head shops (on Colfax and Evans Avenue near D.U.) are open seven days a week. Denver University students get 10% off with a valid student ID!

Still staying indoors in the name of social distancing? If you’re over age 21 in Colorado or other legal U.S. states seeking quality pipe shop products, our online smoke shop has several options available for immediate purchase from the safety and comfort of your couch. Our online smoke shop also carries a few fantastic glass dab straw options available to order anyplace and anytime. If you’re looking for a more simplistic glass dab straw, one with a little extra flair, or an all-inclusive micro nectar collector kit equipped with a quality storage case, we’ve got the perfect options in store. You’ll also find exceptional prices on hundreds more of our popular products – all deliverable straight to your doorstep. Whether you’re shopping online or onsite, 710 Pipes is proud to provide you with the very best smoke shop products on the market today.