23 Fast Facts About Vaping From Our Vape Shop Team

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Vaporizer use has gradually increased in popularity throughout the past decade. With more and more of our peers choosing to purchase disposable vaporizers each year, it’s natural to be curious about the increasingly popular habit. 710 Pipes has crunched the numbers on e-cigarette use and put together a guide to the latest statistics on vaporizer use in the United States and worldwide. Explore the top reasons for vaping, money spent on vape products, the makeup of vape users and more in the fast facts our vape shop team has compiled below.

How Many People Use Vape Products?

  1. Nine percent of Americans over the age of 18 said that they use vape products “regularly or occasionally” in a 2018 Gallup study.
  2. As of 2018 research by the World Health Organization, 41 million individuals use e-cigarettes throughout the world. This is an increase of more than 485% since the 2011 total of 7 million people globally.
  3. 20% of American adults between the ages of 18 and 29 years report the use of vaporizer productsa> – approximately one in five residents of this age group. 16% of adults aged 30 to 64 (or one in six) report vaping, and less than 0.5% of senior citizens aged 65 and older say that they vape.
  4. One in three e-cigarette users say that they use vaporizers every day, according to 2018 research by the Annals of Internal Medicine.
  5. Vaping is most popular in Oklahoma, Louisiana and Nevada. Washington D.C. has the lowest percentage of residents to use vape devices, followed by residents of South Dakota and California.
  6. As of one 2018 study, 53% of the 2,203 participating American adults had tried vaping. 60% of surveyed U.S. women said that they’ve tried vape products, as did 45% of surveyed men.

How Much Do E-Cigarette Users Spend on Vaping?

  1. As of 2018 research, approximately $15.7 billion dollars was spent globally on vape juice,
    vape hardware
    and related vaping products. Total spending on vape products throughout the world is expected to increase to $40 billion by 2023.
  2. According to 2016 research published by Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, American e-cigarette users consistently spent a median of $50 to $75 each month on vape products. One surveyed user spent approximately $250 monthly on vape hardware, e-juice and related vape shop products.
  3. Ruthless Vapor data shows that vaping costs between $387 and $5,082.50 per year. The total yearly cost of vaping can vary significantly depending on the frequency of vaporizer use, the number of vaporizers purchased per year and each device’s quality.
  4. Smoking a pack of cigarettes per day costs $2,087.80 to $5,091.75, making vaping a more cost-effective alternative to cigarettes on average.

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How Do Vaping and Cigarette Smoking Statistics Compare?

  1. Several studies suggest that the total number of vaporizer users in the United States has steadily risen over the past decade. C.D.C. research showed that 20.9% of Americans were cigarette smokers in 2005. This total had dropped to 17.8% in 2015, and it was reportedly reduced by nearly one-third to 13.7% of Americans by 2018.
  2. The American Lung Association reported that 42% of American adults smoked cigarettes in 1965 – more than triple the total of 13.7% of U.S. adults in 2018. In other words, cigarette use dropped by roughly 68% over the course of fifty-three years.
  3. 68% of American teenagers reported smoking cigarettes in 1965. In 2017, just 8.8% of teenagers identified as smokers – a decrease of more than 672% in fifty-two years.
  4. Since 2002, more individuals have identified as “former cigarette smokers” than “current cigarette smokers.”
  5. More than half of Americans who have ever smoked cigarettes said they’d successfully quit smoking as of 2018.
  6. Since 1975, the average number of cigarettes smoked per day has steadily decreased.
  7. Infographic Showing Cigarette Smoking Statistics

  8. 2019 research by the U.K. National Health Service studied individuals with a desire to quit smoking cigarettes. One group of participants was assigned e-cigarettes as a replacement for cigarettes, while a second group was assigned nicotine replacement products. Both groups also received four weeks of behavioral support from professionals after making the switch from cigarettes to either type of replacement. One year after the substitution was implemented, those who used vape products reported higher rates of abstinence from cigarettes than those who switched to other forms of nicotine products.
  9. Researchers examined more than fifty studies on vaping and cigarette use in 2020 from the United States and other developed nations. They found moderate evidence that regular cigarette smokers have higher rates of success quitting smoking when they used nicotine e-cigarettes, compared to those receiving nicotine replacement therapy alone or using nicotine-free vape products.

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Why Do E-Cigarette Users Like Vaping?

  1. 27.5% of high school students reported using vape products in a 2019 survey.
  2. 61% of teenaged vape users said that they used vape products “to experiment.” 38% said that they vape “to have a good time” and 37% said that they do so “to relieve tension.”
  3. 2020 research found that the use of flavored e-cigarettes was associated with quitting smoking more frequently than the use of unflavored e-cigarette alternatives.
  4. Several studies found that U.S. adults gave the following reasons for vaping most often:
    • to reduce or eliminate their use of cigarette
    • for a “safer” or “healthier” smoking experience
    • to save money by buying vape products which cost less than cigarettes
    • to have the option to consume nicotine indoors and in places where smoking is banned
    • to consume nicotine without bothering anyone nearby or harming the health of others.
  5. Twelve focus groups conducted in 2014 and 2015, in which sixty-two adults with a median age of 25.2 discussed their opinions on e-juice and related products. The study identified the following four major primary reasons that participants liked vaping:
    • Vaporizers were believed to be a health-conscious alternative to cigarettes.
    • Vaping allows for discrete and convenient nicotine consumption indoors or in professional settings.
    • Vaping provides a pleasant sensory experience, with enjoyable tastes, smells, and the unique visual appearance of vape clouds.
    • Many participants praised vaping’s customizability and entertainment value, as well as its value as a socially respected recreational activity.

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