Biggest Do’s and Don’ts When Packing Your Bong’s Bowl

Rolling paper, glass spoon pipe and cannabis nuggets in miniature jar on wooden rolling tray

Everyone wants to know how to pack the perfect bowl. If you’re looking for the best high- and to get the most out of your weed- a well-packed bowl is vital.

Unfortunately, you probably have some bad habits to kick (ahem, overpacking!). There’s also probably some extra effort you need to start putting in, like using a screen or fully grinding your weed.

Luckily, we’ve broken down all the dos and don’ts of packing a bowl so you can become an expert in no time!


When it comes to packing a bowl, there are a few golden rules you should follow.

Add a bit of kief

Adding kief can turn your custom heady glass pipe from an object into a spaceship. Whether you just want to get extra high or it’s a daily ritual for you, this tip will change your life for good.

Just pack your bowl with grinded weed (to be discussed in a minute!) and sprinkle it with some magic- aka kief. Be careful your first time though! Don’t underestimate kief’s powers.

Kief is the missing ingredient in your bowl that will truly take it up a notch and bring you to new heights.

Grind your weed

The most common mistake that people make when packing a bowl is either under-grinding their weed, or using the good-old smush-with-your-finger method.

While some people might spout nonsense to you about how grinding the weed breaks it up and the plant needs to stay whole for this and that…it’s not true. The more surface area your weed has, the more evenly (and fully) it will burn.

Don’t be lazy! Get a good grinder and do the job right.

Use a screen

This is a step that you’ll probably only skip a few times before learning your lesson. No matter what kind of heady glass you’re using- whether it be a bong or glass pipe- put a screen on your bowl before you pack it.

Otherwise, you’ll end up inhaling tiny crumbs, some of which will even be hot. This is because the screen catches the pieces that are small enough to fall through the hole in your heady glass. No screen, no filter of tiny particles.

But no one wants a side of burnt weed in their throat along with their hit!

Unless our
Denver head shop
specifically told you that the bowl’s hole is too tiny for weed to get through, you should use a screen. Our smoke shop sells glass, brass, and stainless steel screens for your enjoyment!

Remove the seeds

If you end up with bud that’s full of seeds, well…you’ve got some bad luck. Now you have the tall task of removing all those seeds before you smoke.

The seeds block the airflow while you smoke, and also add some flavor that you don’t want. Why spend so much money on weed if you’re not going to be able to smoke it properly or enjoy its full potential?

Really, seeds are the worst. Do your best to painstakingly remove them all.


It’s just as important to know what not to do as it is to know what to do!

Pack an old bowl

In an ideal world, you would clean your bong or pipe every time you smoke. Treat yourself and your heady glass with respect and get in the habit! If after every use is too much for your weed-fried brain to handle, then every other time is all we can ask of you.

It only takes a few minutes to clean off the gunk and it makes a huge difference in the flavor of your weed. Dirty bowls are holding you back from a dreamy, smooth, delicious hit.

So don’t be lazy! On top of all the cons of having a dirty bowl, just think about how embarrassing it is to show up to a session with a disgusting piece of glass!

Overpack your bowl

A very common mistake is packing too much weed in your bowl. The perfect bowl is full but not packed too tightly, with weed covering the whole area of the bowl.

If you pack too much weed, it blocks your airflow. So even if you think you’re smoking everything you packed, the reality is that only a sliver of what you’re burning is reaching your lungs. That’s a waste of time, money, and the potential to get high!

So stop jamming your bowl with as much weed as possible. It’s doing more harm than good!

Be selfish

Okay, so you’ve packed your bowl perfectly using all the tips above. Now it’s time to smoke! But being selfish with your weed is about as stingy as it gets.

Weed is meant to be shared! So don’t keep your stash all to yourself. Smoking by yourself can be fun for sure, but smoking with friends definitely wins the trophy.

Don’t show up to the session empty-handed! It’s time you smoked someone up, not the other way around. Make some memories with friends and feel the goodness in your heart knowing that you got them all stoned out of their minds.

Final thoughts

Let’s summarize everything we’ve learned!


  • Add a bit of kief
  • Grind your weed
  • Use a screen
  • Remove the seeds


  • Pack an old, dirty bowl
  • Overpack your bowl
  • Be selfish

Packing a great bowl isn’t hard, you just need to know how. And now you do, so you have no excuses! Impress your friends with the perfect bowl, or treat yourself to the luxury.

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