How to Lower Your Weed Tolerance Without Stopping

No one wants to have to take a tolerance break. They’re no fun, you get withdrawals, and you miss out on getting high with your friends. Plus what are you supposed to do all day? Just look at your glass pipes sitting on the shelves?

But go to any Denver smoke shop and you’ll likely be told that the only way to lower your weed tolerance is to take a t-break. But our online smoke shop knows better!

By thinking outside the box, it’s possible to need less weed and still get very, very high. And you can have fun while doing it!

Check out our list of suggestions to see what we mean.


You may have heard that exercising right after you smoke can cause a stronger high. Or is it a second high? The myth is a little ambiguous.

But it’s been scientifically proven that exercising for about half an hour can increase the amount of THC in your blood.

Besides all of this, there are other benefits of exercise that stoners can enjoy. Obviously, it will improve your health and wellbeing. Those well-used lungs of yours could certainly withstand some cardio!

Exercise also burns fat cells. THC is fat-soluble so it will stay in your system for less time, which is similar to taking a break. In addition, the endorphins released from exercise will make you feel great and need less weed!

Lastly, exercising while high is an experience all of its own that will lower your need to be in the clouds because it’s so…unique! Truly feeling every movement that your body is making, noticing sweat drip down your face, feeling your muscles shake, and getting dizzy jumping up and down will create a night to remember.

Conversely, you can do some yoga and really get in the flow. Be one with your sense of balance, the slowness of your session, and your deep breathing. Pro tip: finish your yoga session off with some meditation to truly send your mind somewhere it’s never been before!


If you don’t want to dive into a full t-break, you can start by lowering your daily THC intake. A good rule of thumb is to take ⅔ of your regular dosage for a few weeks, maybe a month or so.

While this may be hard, it’s easier than completely cutting THC, and it will still have vast effects on your tolerance level.

Microdosing is the perfect way to lower your tolerance while avoiding going cold-turkey and reaping the havoc of withdrawal.

If you use a vaporizer, it will be relatively easy to control how much you’re consuming. If you usually smoke, switch out your typical heady glass- we’re assuming a bong or bowl- for a good old chillum. Chillums have a smaller capacity so you won’t be able to smoke as much. If you search “smoke shop near me” you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Do you use tinctures or edibles? These are even more predictable ways of knowing exactly how much you’re cutting down by. One big drop of a tincture can turn into a small drop, while three gummies can turn into two. Instead of guessing how much you’re smoking, you’ll be able to fully control your intake.

Change your smoking method

If you’re used to one way of smoking, it might feel strange to switch things up. But different methods have completely different results, and an edible high might be just the solution you need if all you do is smoke vapes.

Switching it up may even get you higher, as your body processes different forms of THC in different ways. Dabbing is more intense than dry herb, while edibles can have an amazing effect despite high tolerances.

In addition, just the change in routine will flip you into a new mindset. If you always light up but now you’re eating a gummy, you’re doing something new with your afternoon. The novelty of it will probably bring you some extra enjoyment!

Our online head shop has all the accessories you need to help you make the switch.

Try new strains

Different strains have different ratios of cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

CBD tends to counteract some of the psychoactive tendencies of THC, so if you find a strain with the same THC level as your usual strain, but with less CBD, you will probably feel higher!

This typically means switching from indica to sativa, although you can go halfway with a hybrid if you really prefer it one way or the other.

Changing up your strains also lets you experience new flavors, mouthfeels, and kinds of highs. The high you get from one strain may be completely different from the next!

The same goes for gummies, vapes, tinctures, and dabbing. Switch up what you’re using to experience new effects without having to stop consuming.

Final thoughts

Don’t worry, you can keep using your custom glass pipes while lowering your weed tolerance!

Although it may seem impossible, there are lots of ways to need less weed if you just get creative.

Bliss out to a yoga session and reach a new kind of high. Try a new strain and see how you feel. Switch to edibles. You have so many more options than you might think!

You don’t have to miss out on all the fun in order to lower your weed tolerance. You just have to experiment with different kinds of fun. And that can be fun all by itself!

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