Vaping Etiquette: What You Need to Know

Man exhaling vaporizer cloud outdoors beside stop sign at intersection

There is a mountain of scientific evidence confirming that dry vaping of herbs does not pose an existential health hazard either to the vaper or to others. But, while those of us at the 710 Pipes vape shop in Denver might understand that, and most of our customers understand that, there is still a significant portion of the population who are either woefully misinformed about vaping, are opposed to any type of cannabis use, or are wary of any activity that even remotely resembles smoking.

As a result, it’s necessary for people who enjoy vaping their herb to exercise a certain amount of discretion. In this post, we’re going to touch on some of the finer points of the evolving field of vaping etiquette.

Vaping Etiquette: The Law

In Colorado smoking, vaping or eating cannabis products is forbidden in any of these public spaces:

  • Sidewalks and footpaths
  • City, state or national parks
  • Ski resorts
  • Any and all concert venues
  • Most restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Common areas of apartment buildings or condos

We say “most” restaurants, cafes, and bars because in 2021 Denver began to issue cannabis “hospitality” licenses for select cafes and other private businesses where cannabis consumption by adults will be allowed. So if you can find one of these new hospitality businesses you can dry vape cannabis to your heart’s content.

In 2019 Colorado anti-smoking laws were amended to cover vaping of any type. The law makes no distinction between e-cigarettes and the dry vaping of herb. Therefore, anywhere it is illegal to smoke cigarettes in Colorado it’s now illegal to engage in any kind of vaping as well. Because of these draconian rules, there is no vaping etiquette in public spaces. It’s just not allowed. Period.

Vaporizers & Etiquette: Private Property & The Big Picture

Private property is the last legal refuge for those who want to vape without attracting the attention of The Man or unhinged members of the anti-smoking cabal. And it is that relationship – the relationship between the vaper and the homeowner – where vaping etiquette comes into play. The following are some of the generally accepted pillars of vaping etiquette in 2022.

Keep your clouds in check: Let’s say you’ve been invited to a party at someone’s house and they’ve let it be known that it’s a cannabis-friendly party. Does that mean you walk in the front door and immediately start belching out huge clouds of vapor? Of course not. Common courtesy needs to triumph here. If you want to dry vape some herb, go for it. But exercise a little restraint, you are after all a guest.

Ask before you vape: Even if your host is an enlightened sort it’s bad form to start dry vaping at the dinner table and wrapping everyone else’s heads in thick clouds of mist. Ask first: “Do you mind if I vape some herb?” They may say “no problem” or they may say “Not at the dinner table” but even if you get a response you don’t like, honor it.

Don’t try and use someone else’s vape: It’s not a great idea to ask someone if you can get a hit off their vaporizer. Sure, they may have no problem sharing a bong but chances are you’ll get the hairy eyeball if you reach for their vape. One possible reason is that vaporizers are seen as high-tech devices, and people don’t share their tech. But whatever the reason, asking to share a vape is considered bad form.

Exercise humility: The fact that you have a top-of-the-line $2,000 custom vaporizer doesn’t make it particularly cool to flaunt it. It’s your life and your money and you can do what you want with it. But evolving vaping etiquette says it’s a definite no-no to rub other people’s faces in your conspicuous consumption.

Avoid hostile confrontations: Whether you are high up in the mountains on a seldom-used trail, or at a party at a friend’s house the possibility exists that you’ll run into some chump intent on spewing their poorly formed worldview in your direction. The temptation may be to engage in a robust defense of your right to vape. A better approach is to simply walk away and let them stew in their own ignorance.

Dry Vaping in Public

Even though Colorado law is clear about where you are and are not allowed to vape there will still be people who want to test the boundaries. That’s cool as long as they’re willing to accept the consequences if things go south. If you insist on vaping in public spaces like local and national parks it is in your interest to be discreet.

Because of the current atmosphere of official hostility toward vaping some people have become quite adept at stealth vaping. Stealth vaping is when a person keeps their vaporizer out of sight, takes small, controlled hits and exhales in a way that does not draw attention. While we can’t and won’t condone breaking the law, the fact is stealth vaping has become quite widespread in Denver, although if you didn’t know how to spot it you’d likely never know.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to vaping the only hard and fast rules are anti-smoking laws that have been modified to include the practice. How people act in those places where dry herb vaping is permitted is a matter of etiquette.

Those of us at the 710Pipes vape shop hope you found the above information helpful and remember, when it comes to vaping discretion is a priceless virtue.

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