Switching from Smoking to Vaping? Five Tips to Keep In Mind

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Whether it’s used as a method of entertainment or to help manage common health conditions, smoking weed has made an indelible impression on the culture. But one aspect of cannabis consumption has always been a bit problematic: of course, we’re talking about the whole “smoking” thing. The best way to avoid the pitfalls of smoking herb is to switch to dry herb vaping. So with that in mind the team at the 710 Pipes vape shop present six things you should be aware of if you’re contemplating switching from smoking to vaping.

Why Vaping Dry Herb is the Smart Choice

The following are six things you should be aware of when switching from smoking herb to vaping herb.

Vaping is more discreet

For better or worse we live in a time and place where smoking anything in public is, let’s be kind and say, “frowned upon”. Even though the recreational use of cannabis is legal in Denver, you can only light up in designated places. So if you spark up a joint in the park you’re likely to attract a lot of unwanted, often aggressively hostile attention. Who needs that?

Vaping provides a much more discreet option. Because you don’t have to break out a lighter, and because you’re not holding a smoldering joint, you can go about your business without triggering people. In addition, the vapor you do eventually exhale is harder to see than smoke, dissipates faster and has little of the telltale herb smell.

Vaping often gives a better buzz

Vaping is not only more discreet it’s also likely to produce a more intense buzz than smoking. When you fire up a bowl or a joint a lot of the active compounds in the herb are consumed by the fire and never reach the pleasure centers of your brain where they can work their magic.

By contrast, when you vape you essentially bake the herb, a process that separates those all-important compounds from the buds without destroying them. As a result, you are likely to get a more intense high from the same amount of weed. Something to be mindful of.

Vaping is more cost-effective

This ties into #3 in the sense that, if vaping allows you to enjoy a more intense buzz than you would get if you smoked the same amount of weed, then it follows that you can vape less weed to get the same level of buzz you’re used to. And with herb prices being what they are these days that’s important.

While you may not notice a big saving in the first week after switching from smoking to vaping, over the ensuing weeks and months the savings are likely to add up. Unless of course, you become so enamored of the more intense high that you wind up consuming even more weed than you used to. But the opportunity for savings is there if you want to take advantage of it.

Vaporizers allow for precise control

When smoking joints about the only control you have over the intensity of your buzz (provided, of course, that you’re not smoking skunk weed) is the size of the hit you take and how long you hold it. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to control the type of high you experience? Well, there is.

With a vaporizer, you can gain precise control over your experience by adjusting the temperature settings. Want a more subdued buzz that will allow you to remain productive during the day? Dial those temperature settings down. Want a killer buzz that will take the legs out from under you while you binge-watch whatever it is you binge-watch these days? Dial those temperature settings up, dim the lights and kick back.

A vaporizer is an investment

When you drop by 710 Pipes you’ll find a wide variety of vapes displaying a wide variety of prices. While good dry herb vapes are not exactly cheap you need to remember these are not rolling papers that are going to go up in smoke. If you take proper care of your vape it’s likely to last you several years.

Also, while vaporizers are not cheap it’s likely that you would spend even more on a high-quality bubbler or heady glass pipe. And there’s always the risk that as soon as you get that heady glass home and pass it around for the first time that someone drops it and, well, you’re right back to shopping for a new pipe.

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