Does Vaping or Smoking Weed Get You Higher?

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Good weed is not cheap so anything you can do that can help you get more from your herb is welcome. That includes grinding your weed properly to get an efficient burn and finding ways to get more buzz for your buck. In this post the team at the 710 Pipes headshop in Denver will address the latter by answering the question: Does vaping or smoking get you higher?

Traditional Methods of Enjoying Cannabis

Cannabis has been enjoyed by humans for thousands of years. In this country, it has been a part of popular culture for more than 60 years, despite the federal government classifying it as a Schedule I drug right alongside heroin and cocaine.

The average person figured out a long time ago that any attempt to lump weed in with heroin was absurd and so as the years passed acceptance of cannabis grew. Now that recreational cannabis use is legal in dozens of states we can finally have some frank discussions about weed, including which method of consumption produces the best buzz.

Until recently the majority of people smoked weed using papers, bongs, heady glass, and hand pipes. Among those choices it was widely accepted that the bong produced the most intense high, simply because joints and hand pipes could not produce the same type of monster hits you could get from a bong.

Reasons to Vape Instead of Smoking

As recently as 2010 the notion of vaping anything, let alone weed, was considered little more than a curiosity. Gradually, however, vaping began to gain traction as a credible way to quit smoking and shortly after that, a few enlightened individuals realized you could vape weed and get seriously high. Vaping, as it turns out, also has other advantages over smoking weed such as:

More Discretion

Vapour clouds dissipate quickly and tend to produce little in the way of telltale marijuana odors. Taking a hit off a vape can also be done with a high degree of discretion.

Less Smoke Inhalation

Inhaling any type of smoke is not particularly good for you. Especially if you do it often over many years. With vaping there’s no smoke to inhale.

Increased Efficiency

Most vapers will agree that there is less waste with herb vaporizers than there is with joints or various kinds of pipes.

But Which One Will Get You Higher?

Right from the start there were those who claimed that vaping got them higher than smoking weed ever did. (An argument we’ve heard countless times at our Northglenn pipe shop.) Traditionalists tended to dismiss these claims arguing that the quality of weed was the most important factor when determining how high a person got. And anyway, nothing was going to get you higher than a bong could.

Well, it turns out that the vapers may have been on to something after all. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) examined how different cannabis delivery methods affected how high a person got. Their conclusion was that people who vaped cannabis experienced a more intense high than people who smoked an equivalent amount of herb. The intensity level of the high also increased in lockstep with the amount of weed being vaped or smoked. One of the authors of the study said “It was surprising, the magnitude of the difference” between vaping and smoking.

So there you have it. Although there is plenty to be said for traditional methods of cannabis consumption it turns out the folks buying vapes through our online head shop in the hopes of getting a more intense high may have been on to something all along.

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