Cannabis Delivery Drone Development Underway in Washington

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked questions around the world of the best ways to slow the virus’s spread. With social isolation mandates implemented throughout the country, and more strictly enforced quarantines abroad, separation has proven to be an essential aspect in controlling the pandemic’s impact.

The New York Times recently affirmed that Washington State has been hit exceptionally hard by the recent coronavirus outbreak. “As about 100 new patients have been identified each recent day in Washington State, officials there have scrambled to impose restrictions on public gatherings and slow the transmission rate.” With 85 total fatalities to date, more have died from coronavirus in Washington than any other state in the nation.

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Colorado Researchers Sending Hemp and Coffee to Space in 2020

Front Range Biosciences is a Colorado-based biotech company, striving to partner cutting-edge scientific research and development with the growth of in-demand crops like hemp and coffee. The company recently announced their plans to partner with Space Cells – a nearby tech startup – and the University of Colorado Boulder for an exciting new project. The three organizations will collaboratively launch more than 480 plant cell cultures into outer space. Using an incubator designed to maintain optimal growth conditions, these cultures will be loaded onto a SpaceX cargo flight, scheduled to launch in March of 2020. This mission will resupply essentials for astronauts presently docked at the International Space Station.

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Hemp Drives New Auto Industry Developments

In 1941, auto industry pioneer Henry Ford proposed a bold new concept: personal automobiles that everyday Americans can afford. Nearly eighty years later, his company Ford Motors is the fifth most popular auto brand worldwide – if you don’t drive a Ford yourself, you know someone who does. Many fans of Ford’s brand aren’t aware that his original vision for the personalized American automobile incorporated hemp products as a primary structural component. While his well-known Model-T wasn’t made from hemp products alone, they were incorporated into much of the car’s prototype. Ford’s original vision glistened with promise of a sustainable future.

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Buying a Scale

Business or Pleasure?
When you’re shopping for the perfect scale, there are several factors to consider. We’ll explain the most important aspects, and help you weigh the pros and cons of each. Many backgrounds lead cannabis lovers to the purchase of a scale. Whether you work in a Denver dispensary, you’re a regular shopper there looking for your money’s worth, or a cautious consumer working to abide by local carrying limits, it’s always good to get familiar with a quality scale. Everyday consumers and those working professionally in dispensaries will have a few distinctions in their needs. Whatever your story, we’ll review the top considerations for a quality scale below, and help you find exactly what you’re after next time you stop by our smoke shop. With proper use and a well-made instrument, you can rest assured of your scale’s precision so these worries won’t be weighing on your mind.

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E-Nails? The Future of Dabbing Is Here

The continuing boom of Cannabis’s popularity and acceptance has bred a number of revolutions in the surrounding marketplace. One novel invention that was born in the midst of this fervor is the Electronic Nail, or E-Nail for short. This device comes in a number of incarnations, but all have a singular goal in mind: the perfection of vaporizing Cannabis concentrates at precision temperatures.

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