Blazer Big Shot


The Blazer Big Shot is an anti-flare refillable butane torch with over 35 minutes of burn at temps up to 2500ºF.


Blazer Big Shot Torch: The Dabber’s Dream Tool

Yo, dab enthusiasts! Ready to take your sessions to epic heights? Meet the Blazer Big Shot Torch, your new best buddy for an unparalleled dabbing journey. Designed for the connoisseur who values precision, power, and top-notch performance, this torch is a game-changer in the world of dabbing.

Dab-Focused Features:

  • Steady Anti-Flare Flame: Keep it cool and controlled. The Big Shot’s anti-flare technology means a reliable flame for your concentrates, every time.
  • Refillable for Endless Sessions: Never miss a beat. This torch is refillable, ensuring you’re always ready for your next dab adventure.
  • Monster Heat Up to 2500 Degrees: Unleash the beast! With heat that skyrockets up to 2500 degrees, it’s perfect for quick, efficient dabbing.

Why the Blazer Big Shot Rocks for Dabbing:

  1. Consistent Performance: It delivers a consistent, powerful flame, essential for perfect dabbing.
  2. Long-Lasting Reliability: Built to last, it’s a torch you can count on session after session.
  3. Easy to Use: Its user-friendly design lets you concentrate on your dabbing, not on fiddling with your tools.
Feature Benefit for Dabbing
Anti-Flare Flame Safe, reliable hits without the hassle
Refillable Keep the sesh going without interruptions
High Temperature Quick and efficient heating of concentrates

Product History: Crafted by Blazer, leaders in heat technology, the Big Shot is a reflection of their dedication to innovation and excellence, especially in the world of dabbing.

Must-Have Accessories at 710 Pipes:

Call to Action: Ready to blaze new trails in your dabbing adventures? The Blazer Big Shot Torch is here to light the way. Add it to your cart or swing by your local 710 Pipes store. Experience the ultimate in quality and performance – because you deserve the best.

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