Bougie Cone Showerhead Water Pipe


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Bougie Cone Showerhead Water Pipe: A Symphony of Style and Smoothness

Greetings, smoke enthusiasts! Discover the magic of the Bougie Glass 9-inch Shower Perc Bubbler. More than just a water pipe, it’s a blend of exquisite design and superior functionality, ready to take your smoking sessions to celestial heights.

Key Features:

  • Height: A sleek 9 inches.
  • Base Diameter: A compact 76mm.
  • Joint Size: Standard 14mm.
  • Bowl Size: A versatile 14mm.
  • Shower Perc: For an indulgent bubbling experience.

Why It’s a Crowd-Pleaser:

  • Luxurious Bubbling: The shower perc ensures cool, filtered hits every time.
  • Elegant Design: Stands out with its unique aesthetics, making it a conversation starter.
  • Ideal Size: Perfect for personal use and easy to handle.

Complement Your Experience: Pair your Bougie Bubbler with top-notch accessories from 710 Pipes, including premium Grinders and effective Cleaning Supplies.

The Bougie Touch: With its handcrafted beauty, the Shower Perc Bubbler is a testament to Bougie Glass’s commitment to combining artistic elegance with practical smoking solutions.

Elevate Your Sessions: Ready for a transcendent smoking experience? The Bougie Cone Showerhead Water Pipe is calling your name. Add to Cart Now or visit a 710 Pipes store. It’s time to unleash your true smoking potential with a touch of class.


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