Bougie La-Bong

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Elevate your smoking sessions with the Bougie La-Bong, a masterpiece of design and functionality. This 1-foot tall vase-bottom style water pipe is meticulously crafted by Bougie Glass to offer an unparalleled smoking experience. With its 45-degree 14mm downstem, traditional tree style percolator, and ice catch, the Bougie La-Bong is engineered for smooth, cool, and flavorful hits every time. The stunning blue finish adds a touch of elegance to your collection, making it a standout piece for any enthusiast.

Feature Benefit
1-Foot Tall Vase Bottom Design Provides excellent stability and a unique aesthetic appeal.
45-Degree 14mm Downstem Ensures optimal airflow and compatibility with various accessories.
Traditional Tree Style Percolator Delivers superior filtration for smoother, cleaner hits.
Ice Catch Allows for cooler hits by holding ice cubes in place.

Imagine taking a hit from a water pipe that not only performs flawlessly but also looks incredible. The Bougie La-Bong stands at a perfect height of 1 foot, offering stability and ease of use. The vase bottom design provides a unique aesthetic, while the traditional tree style percolator ensures each hit is filtered through multiple levels, resulting in a smoother and cleaner smoke. The 45-degree 14mm downstem is designed for optimal airflow, and the ice catch feature lets you cool down your hits for an even more enjoyable experience. The stunning blue finish is not just beautiful but also a testament to Bougie Glass’s commitment to quality and style.

Pair your Bougie La-Bong with these complementary accessories from 710 Pipes:

  • Glass Flower Bowl: Enhance your piece with a stylish and functional bowl.
  • Ash Catcher: Keep your water pipe cleaner for longer with an additional layer of filtration.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Maintain your Bougie La-Bong in pristine condition effortlessly.

Bougie Glass is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs. The Bougie La-Bong is a perfect example of their dedication to creating beautiful and functional glassware. The traditional tree style percolator, combined with the modern vase bottom design, makes this piece a favorite among enthusiasts. Bougie Glass’s reputation for durability and style ensures that the Bougie La-Bong will be a cherished addition to your collection.

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