Gordo Scientific GTR Bubble Cap

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The Gordo Scientific GTR Bubble Cap is a revolutionary dual-channel carb cap designed to enhance your dabbing experience. This innovative accessory combines the functionalities of the Gordo Riptide Cap and a traditional bubble cap, providing unparalleled control and versatility.

Feature Benefit
Dual-Channel Design Combines the functionality of a Gordo Riptide Cap and a traditional bubble cap.
Two Strategic Openings One on the handle and one on the bubble for precise control.
High-Quality Borosilicate Glass Durable and heat-resistant, ensuring long-term use.
Handmade in the USA Crafted by skilled artisans in Colorado for premium quality.
Compatible with 25mm and 30mm Bangers Versatile use with various bangers, though primarily designed for 25mm nails.

The GTR Bubble Cap by Gordo Scientific is designed to maximize the efficiency of your dabbing setup. Its dual-channel design allows for superior airflow control, whether you prefer the broad air stream of a Riptide cap or the direct flow of a bubble cap. This cap provides the flexibility to switch between functionalities without changing the cap, making it perfect for any dabbing session.

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