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Introducing the Joel Halen Puffco Bubble Cap – a must-have accessory designed to elevate your dabbing experience with the Puffco Peak Pro. Expertly crafted by renowned glass artist Joel Halen, this thick and round bubble cap is not just a functional tool but a piece of art, enhancing both the efficiency and aesthetic of your sessions.

Features and Benefits:

Feature Benefit
Thick and Round Glass Design Ensures durability and provides a comfortable grip.
Perfect Fit for Puffco Chamber Designed to seamlessly fit the Puffco Peak Pro chamber for optimal performance.
Control of Airflow and Direction Allows precise control over the vaporization process, enhancing flavor and efficiency.

Product History:

Joel Halen, a celebrated figure in the glass blowing industry, has consistently delivered high-quality and intricately designed glass pieces. The Bubble Cap is no exception, reflecting his commitment to both function and form. Crafted with expertise, it promises to transform your vaporization experience by offering superior control and a tailored fit for the Puffco Peak Pro.


  • How do I use the Joel Halen Bubble Cap with my Puffco Peak Pro? Simply place it on top of the chamber after loading your concentrate and adjust as needed to control airflow.

  • Can the Bubble Cap fit other vaporizers? It is specifically designed for the Puffco Peak Pro to ensure a perfect seal and optimal performance.

  • How do I maintain my Bubble Cap? Clean regularly with isopropyl alcohol to maintain clarity and functionality.

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The Joel Halen Puffco Bubble Cap is the ultimate choice for discerning dabbers. Add to Cart Now or visit your local 710 Pipes store today to discover how this exquisite accessory can revolutionize your sessions. Experience unparalleled control and craftsmanship with the Joel Halen Bubble Cap, where style meets functionality in the world of concentrated vaporization.


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