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OCB Rolling Papers: A Symphony of Choices for Every Aficionado

Elevate your rolling game with OCB Papers. As a prominent figure in the smoking world since 1918, OCB (Odet-Cascadec-Bolloré) offers an array of high-quality papers to suit every preference. Known for their finesse and eco-friendly production, OCB ensures every session is a natural, pure experience.

Diverse Selection for Every Taste:

1. Hemp Papers: For the earth-lovers, these are made from 100% organic hemp. They burn slowly and evenly, perfect for those who savor each puff.

2. Unbleached Papers: Free from chlorine and dyes, these papers offer a pure and unadulterated smoking experience.

3. Bamboo Papers: A sustainable and eco-conscious choice, these papers are thin, strong, and have a unique taste.

4. Virgin Papers: Ultra-thin and unrefined, these papers ensure minimal taste interference, letting the natural flavor of your herbs shine.

5. Organic Papers: Made from organic fibers, these papers cater to the eco-friendly smoker who doesn’t want to compromise on quality.

Features and Benefits:

Feature Benefit
Diverse Materials Cater to individual preferences and eco-conscious choices
Slow and Even Burn Ensures a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience
Various Sizes Perfect for different occasions and amounts of herb
Natural Fibers Promotes a pure, clean taste and eco-friendly smoking sessions

Complementary Accessories: Enhance your OCB experience with Bongs, Dab Rigs, and Grinders from 710 Pipes, ensuring a top-notch session every time.

Product History: OCB’s legacy in the paper-making industry speaks to their commitment to quality and innovation. Each type of paper is a result of meticulous craftsmanship and an understanding of what discerning smokers seek.

Connect on a Deeper Level: Choosing OCB Rolling Papers is more than just a practical decision; it’s a lifestyle choice. Whether you’re a fan of the all-natural hemp or the exotic bamboo papers, OCB has something that resonates with your personal smoking style.

Ready to Roll with OCB? Add to Cart Now and join the OCB family with these top-tier papers. Or visit your local 710 Pipes store to discover the perfect match for your rolling needs!

Additional information

Paper Type

Bamboo, Brown Rice, Premium, Solaire, Ultimate, Virgin, X-Pert, Organic Hemp


1 1/4, Single Wide, Slim


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