Phoenix Star 8″ Double Layer Microscope Water Pipe

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Dive into an unparalleled smoking experience with the Double Layer Microscope Water Pipe by Phoenix Glass. This 8-inch tall can-style bong is a marvel of modern design and functionality, perfect for both flower and concentrates. Featuring a reverse showerhead percolator, two thick layers of glass, and an internally functioning recycler, this piece promises fresh, smooth hits every time. Available in a variety of colors, it’s as stylish as it is effective.

Feature Benefit
8-Inch Can Style Design Compact and sleek, easy to handle and store.
Reverse Showerhead Percolator Creates stacks of bubbles for superior diffusion and smoother hits.
Internal Recycler Keeps your hit fresh by continuously cycling the smoke through water.
Versatile Use Ideal for both flower and concentrates.

Imagine hitting your favorite strains or concentrates from a beautifully designed piece that offers exceptional performance. This piece’s unique can-style design makes it easy to handle, while the reverse showerhead percolator ensures each hit is diffused through stacks of bubbles, providing smooth and cool smoke. The internal recycler continuously cycles the smoke through water, keeping each hit fresh and enhancing the flavor.

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This piece is an absolute standout that combines style, functionality, and innovation. Its compact can-style design, reverse showerhead percolator, and internal recycler make it a top choice for both flower and concentrate enthusiasts. Enhance your collection with this exceptional piece and experience smoother, fresher hits.

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