Puffco Peak Gold 3D XL Chamber


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Introducing the Puffco Peak Pro XL 3D Chamber: Gold Edition – a luxurious upgrade designed for those who crave the ultimate in dabbing performance and aesthetic appeal. This special edition chamber combines advanced heating technology with a stunning gold finish, making it the perfect addition to any concentrate enthusiast’s collection.

Feature Benefit
Gold Finish Adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your device.
3D Heating Tracers Ensures consistent heating across the chamber for superior vapor production.
78% Increased Bowl Size Accommodates larger amounts of concentrate, ideal for extended sessions.
XL Joystick Cap Provides directional control over airflow, enhancing vaporization efficiency and flavor.
Improved Battery Efficiency Reduces battery consumption, allowing for longer sessions between charges.
Enhanced Vapor Output Produces twice as much vapor with less reclaim, delivering smooth and flavorful hits.
Compatibility Designed to seamlessly fit the Puffco Peak Pro, ensuring a perfect and secure fit.

The Puffco Peak Pro XL 3D Chamber: Gold Edition takes your dabbing experience to new heights with its advanced features and eye-catching design. The gold finish not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your device but also signifies premium quality and performance. This chamber features 3D heating tracers that provide consistent and efficient heating, ensuring that your concentrates are vaporized evenly for maximum flavor and potency.

With a 78% increased bowl size, the Gold Edition is perfect for those who enjoy larger dabs and longer sessions. The included XL Joystick Cap allows for precise control over airflow, further enhancing the vaporization process and ensuring that each hit is smooth and satisfying. Additionally, the improved battery efficiency means you can enjoy more sessions without worrying about frequent recharging​​​​.


  • How does the Gold Edition differ from the standard XL 3D Chamber? The Gold Edition features a luxurious gold finish and the same advanced heating technology and larger bowl size as the standard XL 3D Chamber.

  • Is the Gold Edition compatible with the standard Puffco Peak Pro? Yes, it is designed to seamlessly fit and function with the Puffco Peak Pro.

Recommended Accessories from 710 Pipes:

  1. Protective Carrying Cases: Keep your Puffco Peak Pro and Gold Edition Chamber safe during transport.
  2. Cleaning Supplies: Specialized cleaning kits to maintain the pristine condition of your gold-finished chamber.
  3. Puffco Replacement Glass: Try out high end glass for better airflow and percolation.

Upgrade to the Puffco Peak Pro XL 3D Chamber: Gold Edition and experience unparalleled performance with a touch of luxury. Add to Cart Now or visit your local 710 Pipes store today. Embrace the pinnacle of dabbing technology and style, and make every session an extraordinary experience with this premium upgrade.


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