Puffco Proxy Bloom Kit


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Puffco Proxy Bloom Kit
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Puffco Proxy Bubbler - Bloom
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Dive into the essence of concentrate consumption with the Puffco Proxy, now unveiled in three mesmerizing colorways: Desert, Bloom, and Flourish. This pioneering modular dab device marries unparalleled versatility with avant-garde technology, all within the grasp of your hand. With the introduction of Desert’s earthy cream tones, Bloom’s gentle lavender, and Flourish’s lush emerald, the Puffco Proxy not only transforms your sessions but also complements your unique style.

Feature Benefit
Patented 3D Chamber Delivers unmatched flavor intensity for a transcendental tasting journey.
Tailored Heat Settings Customizes your voyage from gentle whispers to intense crescendos.
Effortless Operation A single button opens the door to simplicity, making sophistication accessible to all.
Portability Perfected Embark freely on life’s adventures with a design that fits your pocket and your spirit.
Complete Kit Comes ready with all essentials: base, pipe, carb cap, tools, USB-C cable, and carrying case.
Puffco’s Promise A 1-year warranty underlines our commitment to quality and your satisfaction.

Elevate your Puffco Proxy with accessories that resonate with each colorway’s ethos:

Why Settle for Ordinary?

The Puffco Proxy is more than a device; it’s a testament to the vibrant tapestry of cannabis culture and the personal expression it enables. Whether you’re drawn to the Desert’s serene simplicity, Bloom’s soft elegance, or Flourish’s vibrant vitality, the Proxy invites you to a world where your style and substance coalesce.

Elevate Your Essence:

Choose the Puffco Proxy in your preferred colorway and embark on a sensorial odyssey that transcends mere consumption. With its cutting-edge design and comprehensive functionality, the Proxy is your gateway to a realm of pure, potent experiences.

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