Puffco Proxy Silicone Pipe


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Enhance your vaping journey with the Puffco Proxy Travel Pipe, a durable and practical silicone replacement piece designed specifically for the Puffco Proxy. Crafted for the adventurous and on-the-go consumer, this travel pipe ensures that your sessions remain uninterrupted, no matter where life takes you.

Feature Benefit
Durable Silicone Withstands travel wear and tear, ensuring long-term use.
Integrated Storage Keeps essential tools handy and organized.
Easy to Clean Simplifies maintenance and preserves performance.
Lightweight and Portable Ideal for travel, reducing luggage burden.
Perfect Fit Designed specifically for the Puffco Proxy for a seamless use.

The Puffco Proxy Travel Pipe is part of Puffco’s innovative line of accessories designed to enhance the portability and functionality of their flagship products. Puffco has a reputation for creating cutting-edge cannabis consumption technology that combines user-friendly designs with robust functionality. This travel pipe is a testament to Puffco’s commitment to providing versatile and durable solutions for cannabis enthusiasts on the go.

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