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Set out on an enchanting adventure with the Puffco Proxy Wizard, a masterpiece of functionality and elegance designed for the connoisseur of fine smoking accessories. This 10-inch dry pipe, available in three captivating colorways—Onyx, Desert, and Flourish—transcends the ordinary, turning every session into a ritual of mystical proportions.

Feature Benefit
Longer Spiral Stem Cools vapor for a smoother draw, enhancing your experience with every puff.
Ergonomic Grooves Ensures a comfortable, secure grip, making your sessions effortless and enjoyable.
Hand-blown Borosilicate Glass Offers durability and a touch of elegance, symbolizing the perfect blend of form and function.
Enchanting Colorways Choose from Onyx, Desert, and Flourish to match your style and elevate your collection.

Crafted for the Modern Mystic

The Proxy Wizard is not just a piece; it’s a testament to the fusion of artistry and innovation. Made from the finest hand-blown borosilicate glass, it stands as a legendary addition to the Proxy Collection. Its design is thoughtfully tailored to cool the vapor through its longer spiral stem, ensuring a smooth draw that enhances the essence of your chosen herbs.

Accessories & Recommendations

Complement your Puffco Proxy Wizard with matching accessories to elevate your experience:

  • Dab Tools: Perfect for handling concentrates with precision and ease.
  • Cleaning Solutions: Keep your Proxy Wizard pristine for years to come.

Join the 710 Pipes Family

At 710 Pipes, we’re more than just a store; we’re a community of enthusiasts committed to bringing you the best in smoking accessories. The Puffco Proxy Wizard is a shining example of our dedication to quality and innovation. Explore our collection and find the perfect companion for your mystical journey.

Add the Puffco Proxy Wizard to your collection now and transform your sessions into a ritual of pure bliss. Visit your local 710 Pipes store today and experience the magic firsthand.


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