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Lord of The Rings: BOROMIR Smoking Pipe

13″ smoking pipe from the Pulsar LOTR line If you are a true fan of LOTR then you will want to add all of these pipes to your collection! Pulsar definitely gave attention to detail to each of these pipes and will bring class to any sesh across The Shire!

Features and Benefits:

Feature Benefit
Churchwarden Style Offers a leisurely and comfortable smoking posture, keeping smoke and heat away from the eyes
Quality Cherry Wood with Ebony Finish Durable material with a sophisticated aesthetic
Adorned with the Horn of Gondor and the White Tree Symbolizes hope and life, adding a unique and meaningful touch
13 Inches Long Ideal for a relaxing smoke session, evoking an old-world feel
Collectible Gift Box Perfect for fans of The Lord of the Rings and collectors alike
Included Accessories Comes with poking/tamping tool, bowl screens, and pipe cleaners for complete care and maintenance

Product History:

The Shire Boromir Smoking Pipe by Pulsar, a churchwarden-style pipe, connects us to a rich tradition of pipe smoking that dates back to the early 16th century. Originally popular among England’s upper classes and associated with leisure, the extra-long stem of the Churchwarden pipe allows for a relaxed smoking experience, producing cooler smoke due to its length​​. This style of pipe, evoking a simpler era, gained renewed popularity through Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, where Churchwarden pipes were prominently featured. This resurgence rekindled interest in these pipes, celebrating their unique appeal and historical significance​​.

The Boromir Pipe, specifically, encapsulates the essence of the noble character Boromir from The Lord of the Rings. It serves as a symbol of Boromir’s journey, marked by his valiant spirit and moments of redemption. Adorned with the Horn of Gondor and the White Tree, it represents hope and the renewal of life, resonating deeply with fans of the series​​.

Embark on a Legendary Journey:

Embrace the legacy of Middle Earth with the Shire Boromir Smoking Pipe. This churchwarden-style pipe, crafted from quality cherry wood with an ebony finish and adorned with meaningful symbols, is more than just a smoking accessory. It’s a tribute to the epic tale of Boromir, a testament to the time-honored tradition of leisurely pipe smoking.

Perfect for both the seasoned aficionado and the Lord of the Rings enthusiast, this pipe comes in a special collector’s edition gift box, complete with all the essentials for a fulfilling smoking experience. Let the Shire Boromir Pipe be your companion in moments of contemplation and relaxation.

Journey to 710 Pipes and add this iconic piece to your collection. Whether for a peaceful evening or a gathering with friends, the Shire Boromir Pipe is a beacon of hope and a symbol of timeless stories. Embark on your own epic journey by adding this treasure to your trove. Click “Add to Cart” now or venture into the nearest realm of 710 Pipes to claim this precious find!


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