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Lord of The Rings: Sauron Smoking Pipe

Pulsar Shire SAURON Pipe If you are a true fan of LOTR then you will want to add all of these pipes to your collection! Puffr definitely gave attention to detail to each of these pipes and will bring class to any sesh across The Shire!

Product Overview: Embrace the formidable essence of Middle-earth with the Pulsar Sauron Smoking Pipe. This piece isn’t just a pipe; it’s a symbol of power and mystique, inspired by the iconic Eye of Sauron from “The Lord of the Rings”. For those who appreciate the darker side of Tolkien’s world, this pipe offers both style and substance.

Features and Benefits:

Feature Benefit
5.5 inches (14 cm) long Compact and easy to handle, ideal for a personal sesh
Cherry Wood, Ebony Finish Durable with a sleek, dark aesthetic
Bent Apple Style Pipe Comfortable to hold and provides a smooth draw
Eye of Sauron Design Captures the essence of Middle-earth’s lore
Includes Accessories Comes with a poking/tamping tool, screens, and cleaners
Collector’s Edition Gift Box Ideal for gifting or as a collectible display piece
Mortise and Tenon Connection Ensures a secure fit and durability

Matching Accessories: Accentuate your Sauron pipe experience with our curated selection of accessories at 710 Pipes. Find the perfect pipe cleaners and screens to maintain your pipe in pristine condition.

Product History: As a part of the Pulsar Shire Pipes collection, officially licensed by Middle-earth Enterprises, this pipe carries the essence of the dark lord Sauron. In Tolkien’s universe, Sauron is the embodiment of evil, his presence looming over Middle-earth. This pipe, with its unique Eye of Sauron design and ebony finish, brings a piece of that legendary tale into your hands​​​​.

Why Choose Pulsar Sauron Smoking Pipe? If you’re looking to channel the power and intrigue of Middle-earth into your smoking sessions, the Pulsar Sauron Smoking Pipe is your go-to. It’s not just a pipe, but a symbol of the epic saga that has captivated millions. Whether you’re plotting your next big move or just kicking back, this pipe adds a touch of epic fantasy to your routine.

Ready to conquer your world with the Pulsar Sauron Smoking Pipe? Add it to your cart or visit your local 710 Pipes store today! Let the power of Sauron guide your smoking journey.


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