Squashed Stump 9″ Water Bong



Step up your smoking game with the Squashed Stump Water Pipe, a 9-inch marvel designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience. This cake stack style bong, featuring a matrix perc and a kickback mouthpiece, is a testament to innovative design and functionality. The Squashed Stump is perfect for those who appreciate quality, performance, and style. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, this piece is not just a tool—it’s an experience.

Feature Benefit
9-Inch Cake Stack Design Compact and stylish, ideal for both beginners and seasoned smokers.
Matrix Perc Exceptional bubble stacking for smooth, filtered hits.
Kickback Mouthpiece Ergonomic design keeps your face away from the flame.
90-Degree 14mm Joint Versatile and easy to use with various accessories.
Variety of Colors Customize your piece to reflect your personal style.

Picture yourself enjoying a deep, flavorful hit from a beautifully crafted bong that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The Squashed Stump’s unique cake stack design not only looks cool but also ensures stability. The matrix perc is a standout feature, providing exceptional diffusion and ensuring each hit is smooth and cool. The kickback mouthpiece is ergonomically designed to keep your face a safe distance from the flame, adding an extra layer of comfort and safety to your smoking sessions.

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The cake stack design is a modern twist on traditional bong shapes, offering both aesthetic appeal and functionality. The matrix perc is a relatively new innovation in the world of water pipes, known for its superior diffusion capabilities. The Squashed Stump Water Pipe combines these elements with a practical kickback mouthpiece, creating a piece that is both visually striking and highly functional. This bong is a perfect representation of the evolution of water pipes, blending classic designs with modern advancements.

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Amber, Blue, Green, Perrywinkle

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