Suleiman Extra Thick Pipe


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Suleiman Extra Thick Pipe
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The Extra Thick Hand Pipe by Suleiman, a marvel of craftsmanship that combines robust construction with breathtaking design. This hand pipe features a unique spiral shape and exquisite silver fuming, making it a standout piece in any collection. The stunning double reverse wig wag on the front, crafted from a gorgeous blend of blue stardust and green stardust, adds an extra layer of beauty and sophistication. Perfect for connoisseurs and collectors, this pipe is as functional as it is visually striking.

Feature Benefit
Extra Thick Glass Durable and built to withstand regular use.
Unique Spiral Shape Eye-catching design that’s comfortable to hold and smoke from.
Beautiful Silver Fuming Creates a mesmerizing, ever-changing color palette with use.
Double Reverse Wig Wag Stunning design element that enhances the pipe’s aesthetic appeal.
Handcrafted by Suleiman Expert craftsmanship ensures a high-quality, reliable piece.

Imagine enjoying your favorite strains with a hand pipe that’s not just a smoking tool, but a work of art. This handpipe offers a superior smoking experience while being a visual masterpiece. The unique spiral shape provides a comfortable grip and an intriguing look, while the silver fuming creates a dynamic, evolving color palette. The double reverse wig wag on the front, made from blue stardust and green stardust, adds a touch of magic and sophistication.

Complement your Extra Thick Hand Pipe with these accessories from 710 Pipes:

  • Cleaning Supplies: Keep your hand pipe clean and pristine with ease.
  • Herb Grinder: Perfectly prepare your herbs for the best smoking experience.

Suleiman is renowned for creating high-quality, artistically crafted glass pieces. This Extra Thick Hand Pipe is a testament to their legacy, showcasing both durability and intricate design. The silver fuming technique allows the colors to change and evolve as you smoke. Combined with the unique spiral shape and the double reverse wig wag made from blue stardust and green stardust, this hand pipe blends tradition and innovation beautifully.

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