Twenty-Three More Smoke Shop Terms to Know

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Our smoke shop locations in Denver and Northglenn stay stocked with thousands of quality products. While the variety lets smoke shop regulars find everything they need, it’s easy to get confused by the range of different options. Thankfully, last month’s guide to smoke shop terminology explained twenty-two top phrases to know before you shop – and this week’s follow-up has the meaning of twenty-three more.

  • Linework – The colorful, striped patterns on glass pipes.
  • Mini-tubes – Smaller version of traditionally sized bongs.
  • Nail – Nails are a platform used to heat concentrates. They can be made from a number of materials including quartz, titanium and glass.
  • Nectar Collector – These small hand pipes are used for concentrates. They’re traditionally tube-shaped. Some models are designed for water pieces while others are made for dry pieces. To use a nectar collector, simply drag the tip of a nectar collector across concentrates and inhale the resulting vapor.
  • Nano Rig – Nano rigs are smaller versions of traditionally sized dab rigs.
  • Percolator – The filtration devices found within water pipes are otherwise known as percolators. They’re made in several different styles, each with their own unique advantages. Percolators cool smoke down before its inhaled to make smoking more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Pollen Catch – Screens in the bottom of grinders, or pollen catchers, catches plant matter while allowing for the passage of pollen.
  • Pre-cooler – Attachments which are added to water pipes and bongs for the cooling of gases, smoke or fluid. Pre-coolers also catch falling ash before it fills your water pipe.
  • Pyrex Glass – A durable, non-toxic type of borosilicate glass used in bongs and water pipes. It’s known for its impressive resistance to high temperatures.
  • Quartz – Like Pyrex glass, quartz is a type of quality glass often used in water pipes and bongs. While it lacks the shock-resistance of Pyrex glass, Quartz is able to withstand significant temperature changes without breaking.
  • Recycler – This type of water pipe prevents water from reaching the mouthpiece of a piece, instead diverting water back to the water pipe’s base. Water and smoke pass between chambers of a recycler, then back down and through the main chamber. This creates a loop of filtration which cools the smoke.
  • Reversal Glass – Glass with colorful striped patterns and a spiral design at each end. Glass featuring this type of design may also be referred to as “wig wag glass.”
  • Rolling Paper – Rolling papers are thin, small pieces of paper used to wrap legal herb into a joint. Rolling papers are often made from fibers like flax, hemp, and rice paper.
  • Sandblasted Glass – Sandblasted glass is made when sand is mixed with high-pressure air to etch designs into quality glass.
  • Sherlock Pipes – These pipes have a bowl sitting lower than their mouthpieces, which are positioned just above. They get their name from their visual similarity to the iconic pipe used by Sherlock Holmes.
  • Sidecar – The neck of a waterpipe can also known as a “sidecar.” It protrudes upward at an angle from the side of a water pipe – the perfect placement for users’ mouths.
  • Slide – Bong slides may also be referred to as “bong bowls.” These bowls are removable from the main pipe. Glass-on-glass joints typically connect the bong slide to the main piece.
  • Soft Glass – Some of the most vibrant colors can be found in soft glass. As a thicker alternative to typical glass, it’s an excellent choice for frequently used water pipes and other pieces.
  • Spoon Pipe – A popular variety of pipe, named for its resemblance to a standard spoon.
  • Straight Tube – A type of water pipe. Straight tubes differ from many other popular water pipe options, as their structure is completely straight.
  • Tree Percolator – A percolator type featuring glass, tube-like arms inside of its water. Tree percolators are also known more simply as “tree percs.”
  • Carb Cap – Before placing a dab on a nail’s center, a glass top called a “carb cap” is placed over the nail of a dab rig. When users take a dab, airflow is directed into the pipe through the carb cap.
  • Wig-wag Glass – A type of glass pipes and water pipes featuring colorful striped patterns, spirals and waves.

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