Four Effective Filtration Methods for Better Bong Hits

Woman Holding Glass Water Pipe and Exhaling Smoke from Filtered Bong Hit in Field Surrounded by Daisies

Even on the best of days, we’re only human. The need to occasionally clear our throats or cough when they get irritated wouldn’t usually make most of us think twice. However, with flu season 2020 rapidly descending and the second wave of an unprecedented global pandemic steadily rising in its impact, a cough or two can be enough to make us panic – if only for a second or two. Regular consumers of legal herb may have made peace with the “smoker’s cough” some time ago, but even minor extra throat sounds can make fellow grocery shoppers shoot daggers from their six-foot distance and lurch backwards lest we have the plague.

If you’re a frequent user of cannabis, and you prefer larger dry pipes or water pipes to smaller options like joints, one way to minimize your own discomfort and the fears of those around you is by improving your filtration techniques. Consider the following strategies for better dry pipe and water pipe filtration for smoother hits and much more mid-pandemic peace of mind.

Keep Your Cool With a Little Ice

Many modern pipes sold in our online head shop and elsewhere come equipped with built-in ice catchers. Ice catchers are the visible indentations or spikes in the neck of a dry pipe or water pipe. Ice cools the temperature of every hit to make them less agitating on smokers’ throats. Thankfully, any ice you add to a water pipe melts while you’re smoking, so cleanup won’t usually be more difficult after adding a few ice cubes to your piece. Be sure not to add more ice than your piece can hold – or to wrap up your smoking session before it fully melts – to avoid any messy overflows. Another easy option is to chill water as much as possible without freezing it – which will reduce throat irritation with a little less trouble and no risk of overflows from melted ice.

Keep It Clean With a Screen

Using a screen is one popular way to filter hits from your dry pipes and water pipes. This will help to keep your pipe from clogging. Screens can also prevent unwanted ash from getting into your mouth or falling through your water pipe to the device’s interior. Screens are typically available in multiple materials including mesh, glass, and metal. Mesh screens are adaptable to different water pipe sizes, making them a good option to have on hand if you have multiple larger pieces. While glass and metal screens are less versatile, both materials are easier to clean.

In a Pinch, Use Cloth

Want to filter your glass pipe’s hits – but haven’t had time to buy a storebought screen? Fear not. If all else fails, grab a thin cloth and soak it completely (ideally with cold water), then wring it out over the sink. Place the damp cloth over the mouthpiece of your dry pipe and water pipe before inhaling for smoother hits than you’d get without it. By using cold water, your hits will also be cooler than they otherwise would be, which will further reduce throat agitation.

Still Not Satisfied? Perc Up!

If you’re still singing the blues about your poorly-filtered smoking devices between smoking-induced coughs (and you’re sure you’re healthy enough to keep smoking one good option remains – upgrading to a percolator. These quality pieces filter out smoke before it hits the device’s water, maximizing the cooling effects of the water on every hit. Our Northglenn and Denver smoke shop locations proudly carry hundreds of exceptional locally-made percolators, with many top-quality models available for immediate purchase in our online smoke shop and fast delivery straight to your door. Check out our smoke shop experts’ online quide to percolators for more information on these quality smoking devices, or discuss your options with our experienced team to find the perfect percolator for you.

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