Why Not Cleaning Your Bongs and Pipes is a Bad Idea

Water pipe base with residue and dirty bong water


Residue is unsafe

Besides being unsightly to look upon, accumulated residue can pose dangers for smokers. A significant amount of buildup may result in a fire when you cover up the carb, possibly burning your fingers and your mouth.
This hazard is totally preventable if you watch what you’re doing.

Maintain good hygiene

Take a puff, pass. Sharing your custom glass pipes is part of the group smoking experience. And this has been the case throughout the bong’s significant and smoldering history.

But germs will inexorably cling to the pipe as they make their way all through the circle. There’s nothing bad with sharing your pipe if you remember to keep it clean. You can lower the risk of spreading illnesses like the common cold or, even worse, COVID-19 and other transmittable ailments, by cleaning your pipe or bong regularly.

Imagine you were diagnosed with a nasty illness that wouldn’t have happened if you’d taken the time for a simple cleaning? You’d be pretty mad at yourself. If this isn’t a convincing argument to keep your bong clean, what else is?

Less Ash Means Less Carcinogens & Better Taste

Aside from stopping contagious diseases, cleaning your glass pipe may also prevent or lessen carcinogens. Even if you smoke, your actions could do less harm to your lungs. That’s right, regularly cleaning your bong can be healthy.

Additionally, getting rid of the ash will improve the flavor of your herbs. Why smoke something that tastes of ash when you could be enjoying herbs that have the flavor of herbs?

Bong Appearance Matters More Than You Think

We completely understand and respect the relationship that smokers have with their favorite pipes. For many, it’s instantaneous love. For others, it takes a few good smokes.

Regardless, there are some unique, spectacular glass pipe designs to be had at your Denver headshop. Cleaning your pipe often will help you to realize the sculpturesque artistry of glass creations. Finding the best bong to suit your tastes can often be quite an undertaking, but your bong can be regarded as a magnificent work of art as well as a smoking gadget.

Less Residue Equals a Better Smoking Experience

You don’t have to be The Big Lebowski to figure that one out. When there is less ash to deal with in your bong or glass pipe, the smoke will move more smoothly. A cleaner pipe offers a better performance than a clogged one.


Just Rinse It

Chuck out your old dirty bong liquid and rinse it many times with hot water. Then rinse out the bowl and down stem and put them in a separate plastic bag.

Don’t forget cleaning solution

Add salt and alcohol to your bong and bag containing the bowl and down stem. If it’s a tenacious stain, let it sit for a bit with lots of alcohol. Once you’re all set, add more salt.

Cover Openings

Use your hand, a towel, or anything else to cover the bong openings. Be sure to tightly seal your bag containing the bowl and down stem.

Shake it up

It’s time to give a few shakes but do so carefully as to whack it or drop it on anything. The salt will handle the scrubbing for you.

Empty, rinse, and use again

Empty out the salt solution and alcohol. Then rinse with warm water until all the salt is gone. If there are still dirty spots, repeat steps one through four but allow the alcohol and salt solution to sit longer this time. Once your pipe or bong is clean, fill and enjoy.

Some Handy Prevention Tips

Cleaning your pipe is an eventuality, but there are ways to put this off a bit longer.

Buy an ash catcher

Ash catchers are affixed to custom glass pipes either on the down stem or under the bowl. They work by catching most of the debris that would usually fall into the liquid inside the bong. This will reduce ash buildup and lessen the frequency at which you must undertake cleaning.

In addition to their main use, ash catchers also help in filtering smoke, and ensuring cleaner, smoother hits.

When you clean your bong, make sure to clean the ash catcher at the same time.

Use a pipe cleaner and cleaning solution

Many websites recommend specific cleaning solutions and pipe cleaner combinations, so be sure to do your research before buying anything.


When shoes hit the pavement, your motivation should be simple: Well-crafted Denver custom glass pipes that border on artwork are nice to have. Glass art is beautiful, and you don’t spend potentially hundreds of dollars on sculptured and fine bongs for them to sit dirty in a cabinet or on a shelf somewhere. Keep your bong clean and displayed prominently as the focal point of your living room. You may be surprised at how many compliments you get, even from people who don’t smoke and maybe naïve as to your pipe’s real use. Knowing it’s all clean and fresh will make you feel good, just like the same feeling you get from keeping your house clean. It’s a simple task to accomplish that will better your outlook and help you feel centered. Truthfully, it only takes one accidental spill of a dirty bong and having a nasty weed water odor soak into your carpet to remind you to never leave aged water in it again.

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